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Christmas Craft – Milky Way 12/5 – 12/9

Santa Claus is coming to town soon!


Christmas is fast approaching, and all the kids are excited to hang their socks and get presents from Santa Claus, but there is a question: How does Santa Claus put those gifts in the socks? The craft for this week helped the students solve this mystery. The whole class prepared their own cups and decorated them, folded their origami paper for their Santa, and tied their rope to make it move. As they play with this toy, the students discovered how Santa Claus does his trick: by climbing the chimney.


The Summative Assessment presentation is happening soon. The whole class worked with their respective group mates to prepare for their presentation: Their presentation will be shown on the Christmas Show, and we can’t wait for our parents to see this video!

もうすぐUnit3の総括評価である’’「World celebrations event」です!クラスみんながそれぞれのグループの仲間と協力して、発表の準備をしました。金曜日・月曜日にクラスで行い、この様子をクリスマスショーで発表する予定です!

Our English lesson was a lot of fun this week – Phonics: We looked into the vowel team /ow-ou/; to review the sound, we played a game called: Stop dance, where students danced around the table and when the music stops, they need to get the card that the teacher shouts. The whole class was so excited and had so much fun.

今週の英語レッスンは、フォニックスで盛り上がりました。母音/ow-ou/ について学んだ音を復習するために、Stop dance というゲームをしました。テーブルの周りを踊りながら、音楽が止まったら先生が叫んだカードを取るゲームです。みんなとっても盛り上がり、楽しい時間を過ごしました。

For Writing: We collected all the books that we love, read and search for words that have diphthongs and write them in our notebook. The students were so engaged that they did not want to finish the activity.


Next week is going to be the Christmas Show, we are all looking forward to showcasing our talent to our beloved family as a thank you for everything that has been done for us.


See you there and have a wonderful weekend!