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Our First Fire Drill-Shooting Star-April 17th-21st


Shooting Star students have been more well adjusted to our new environment this week. We have fun getting familiar with our teachers and friends in the class.

This week, we carried out our very first fire drill by class. Shooting Star has been taught of the rules how to evacuate safely when they were in Aurora that’s why they were able to engage in our class discussion of the drill. Not only that, we were also able to follow the rules accordingly. Everyone covered their mouth and nose and got in the line quietly. Way to go, Shooting Star!

For our phonics lesson, we reviewed the letters from Jj to Rr. We did it through play and learn way to facilitate learning. Through play, we actively practice our skills to learn the alphabet and say their sound. As the teacher gave a go signal, students ran towards the balls with an uppercase and lowercase letter on them and matched with a partner. Then, they said the letter and the sound it represented by pair. And for writing, we practiced writing the lowercase letter b with our practice writing board. It’s getting more easier for Shooting Star class to follow the writing directions and they enjoyed practice writing with a marker.

This week, we continued our topic about family. Everyone has got their family photo and introduced them in the class with the sentences; This is mummy, This is my daddy, etc. We also learned to translate the words grandpa, grandma, daddy, mummy, brother, and sister to Japanese and tagalog. Everyone laughed when I said that the tagalog word for daddy is itay, which means ouch is English.

We also had our Gym lesson this week. Shooting Star students had fun playing with freeze tag game which is good for our locomotor and non-locomotor movements development. But the activity that we loved the most was the ball activity which encouraged us to do variety of movements for our gross motor skills.

And the best part of the week that makes us all excited was our walk to the park. When we got to the park, we first played our favorite, What time is it, Mr. Wolf? game then we went through our rules for safe play and off they ran to the play structure with happy faces.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.