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Tuning in: Our Roles in the Family! – Savanna 5/15-5/19

“Whether the weather is fine, Or whether the weather is not, Whether the weather is cold, Or whether the weather is hot. We’ll weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not!” because we are Savanna students, we’re risk takers! Although we had crazy weather and temperature, fluctuating from sunny to rainy, and high to low, Savanna’s class still had a wonderful week!

We started the week by wrapping up our First Line of Inquiry by drawing our family and 3 more families. The students showed a clear understanding of the Central idea and LOI1, their drawings included families with different members, some are conventional, some are modern which includes 2 moms in the family, or only one dad with no mom, and some are just living with their grandparents and more. Everyone has developed an open-mind mindset and has developed respect towards the uniqueness of individuals surrounding them.

We started our Line of Inquiry 2 which is about the different roles of each family member by discussion. We figured that discussion might be a bit of a challenge for the age of our students for it requires a lot of attention and concentration, so we turned the activity into a fun one by using a ball to get our students to share their ideas and opinions: Every student that will present to give an answer will be able to catch the ball from the teacher, and throw it back if one wants to share something. We all had fun and most of us in the class shared in the discussion, it was indeed a successful Prior Knowledge activity. We are looking forward to getting deeper as we conduct research about the roles of our family in the next activity.

Our writing was interesting, we started working on letters with the “Magic C” stroke. Although we are not writing in the notebook yet, we are practicing writing on the line using our Writing Board, this will help our students be ready for next year when they will start writing words and sentences in their own notebook.

The highlight of this week was our Bus Trip! Although their feet and steps are still small, Savanna students did great in walking, some fell, but got up right away; it’s part of the experience. We were able to observe some animals in the zoo, some of the animals live with their family, some of them were alone. Despite the warm temperature, our Savanna students played in the playing structure with lots of energy and excitement. One of the parents in the park got curious when they heard them speaking in English while playing. The parents asked: Is everybody foreigners? The teacher explained why they speak English even in their free play time. They were all surprised and said good training, something that we all can be proud of.

The role of each family member has a big impact on our kids, they help them to succeed and achieve lots of milestones in their lives!

See you all in the next blog!