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Off to the Forest-Shooting Star-Aug 28th-Sep 1st

Hello Everyone,

Goodbye August and hello September!

This week is the last week of our outside water play. Now that the season is about to change and the weather is usually windy, Shooting Star class can go and play at the park again.

As the Sports Festival is fast approaching, we got more rigorous with our practices. We try to remember the steps and most importantly, we listen to the teachers’ instructions and try to be reflective all the time. Yes, we try to find ways to be better.

This week’s highlight is our trip to Shiojiri Forest Center as part of our line of inquiry 2, How living creatures grow (Change). This unit of inquiry has impacted an enormous amount of interests about tiny living creatures to the mind of Shooting Star learners. We have become so fascinated about insects. The day before our visit to the forest, we did a spontaneous group discussion about what living creatures we wanted to see in the forest and we practiced a set of questions that we wanted to ask Mr. Majima, who is the person in-charge at the forest like, What do insects eat? Where do they live? Which has more insects, before or now? On the day of our visit, everyone got so excited and we already have imagined on our mind what insects we wanted to catch. As soon as we reached to the forest, we walked in a straight line to meet Mr. Majima. We then greeted him and had a picture together, then, Mr. Majima who was happy to meet us, led us to trek in the forest as we had the joy of catching and collecting insects such as; stinky bugs, moth, cricket, larva, and caterpillar. The butterflies and dragonflies had no escaped from us, too. We didn’t stop chasing them until we caught them up and kept them in the cage. Tracking insects down was like an exciting game for us. On our way back, we found a small park where we stopped by and had so much fun playing for a while. Park in the forest? Yes! There was a pirate ship there where we enjoyed playing like pirates by pulling the rope and doing treasure hunt. There was also an obstacle course and a swing where students jumped on to play in turns. At that very same place were wooden benches where we sat down to ask Mr. Majima our questions before going back to the bus stop. Thank you so much Mr. Majima for the learnings that we have gained from you. Now we know that insects were numerous before than now because of the use of spay. Finally, before we got on the bus, we went to an area where beetles are being grown and there we found numerous big and small larvae. We collected some and took them to school. It’s time for us to say, Thank you and goodbye to Mr. Majima. Everyone got on the bus and went back to school with a wonderful memory that would last for a lifetime.

Have a great weekend everyone.