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Time Gone By – Savanna 12/18 – 12/22

The time has come to bid goodbye to the year that has been nothing but good to us, but before we close the year, the Savanna students arranged something for everybody to enjoy and cherish. They opt to end the year not quietly but with a bang!


In line with our current inquiry about expressing ourselves through Celebration, The Savanna Students came up with their original Celebration: ISN DAY! After lots of deliberation between the inquirers, they decided to call it ISN DAY since we are celebrating it in ISN SHIMAUCHI CAMPUS, they also decided to have the dress code as the ISN Uniform, they all shone brightly with their ISN sweater.🥰 Also, they requested a lot of food, but since we are on a tight budget, we granted their wish but not with real food but through food crafts; they all picked their favorite food and made them using papers and other craft materials. The event was made special because we were able to share the fun with our dear seniors, the Rainforest class: We played games together, danced together, and sang together, and before we finished our activity with them, we gave them something that they can remember us of, an ISN Celebration Card!

What is a celebration without food? We can say that the highlight of the event was the Pizza Making! We have had a few cooking experiences in the past months as we inquired about different celebrations, and everybody enjoyed and loved it so we decided to do it for the last time.


As we waited for the special day to come, we took the opportunity to review and explore more sounds in our phonics time. We looked into more words that fall under the short /o/ word family. The Savanna students are now getting better readers, so everybody enjoys the subject now more and finds it easy peasy!

So as in writing, the Savanna students just love writing so much, that remembering how to write nicely on the correct baselines is very natural. They can now write words with both upper and lowercase combined and spell out their names with no teachers’ help. We all are so proud of them.

With all the achievements of our Savanna students, the progress, the improvement would not have been possible without the support, love, and care of their dear parents, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We look forward to more partnership with family and the whole school community.

Cheers to everybody and we wish you all a happy holiday and a prosperous new year! May we all enjoy the remaining days of 2023 and have a happy heart as we reminisce about the times gone by!