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Aurora's Forest Animals Galore – Week of January 14-17

This week’s IB inquiry was into animals in forest habitats including the rainforests. With monkey masks, we sang and danced to the song “5 little Monkeys”. Aurora read books about owls, pandas and a tiger who coloured himself blue! The class watched a National Geographic Wild video about giant pandas. Their black and white fur helped them camouflage in the forests. We also found out that these pandas eat so much bamboo that they have to poop 100 times a day. Yes, we learned a big number this week!!!

今週の探求は、熱帯雨林を含んだ「森に住む動物たち」についてです。猿のお面を付けて、 5 little Monkeysの歌を歌いました。青い色をつけたフクロウ、パンダ、トラが出てくる本も読みました。野生のジャイアントパンダに関するビデオを見て、パンダの黒と白の毛が森の中でカモフラージュをするのに役立っている事を知りました。これらのパンダは沢山の竹を食べて、一日に100回も排便をすることも知りました。たくさんの発見をしたオーロラさん達です。

It’s winter but there are still animals wandering about the forests. Aurora made paper crafts of winter animals – snowy owl, snow rabbit and harp seal. These animals are found in Hokkaido, Japan.


We worked on writing upper and lowercase Bb, and sounds /ch/ and /wh/ as in cheetah, chick, children and wheel, whale, We had a good workout at the gym too.

大文字、小文字のBbを書く練習をしました。 cheetah, chick, children などに含まれる2文字子音のch、 wheel, whale などに含まれるwhの音も学びました。体操教室では、動くロープの上をタイミングを計ってジャンプしました。

There was an earthquake drill this morning. The students had no prior warning but they knew they had to go under the table and protect themselves. 👍🏻 We had some outdoor play too in the park. Till next Monday, keep warm and have a wonderful weekend!