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Aurora's Balancing Act: Week of Jan 20-24

Gym class was all about posing, balancing and moving like animals. The instructor had Aurora wriggling and slithering like snakes, hopping like rabbits and sliding like seals!


Our gym lesson fitted right into our IB theme “Sharing the Planet” about animals and habitats. This week’s inquiry introduces animals from the biggest habitat on earth – the ocean! In the oceans of our world map, we placed various kinds of sea creatures such as octopus, shark, jellyfish. We read a book “Shark in the Park” and also a story of a leatherback turtle named Penyu on a journey to seek out a beach to lay her eggs. We pulled out sea animals from a mystery bag too.


We worked on our number sequence and number recognition 11 to 15. For Literacy, we practiced writing lowercase letters Cc and Dd. For Phonics Letter Hunt this week, we looked for /ph/ as in phonics, dolphin, phrases. We had our speaking practice and in pairs Aurora tried saying “Is this your bag (jacket, cap)? Yes it it mine, thank you.”

Till next Monday, have a great weekend!

11から15の数の並びと数字の認識をしました。読み書きの学習では、大文字小文字の CcとDdを書く練習をしました。2文字子音探しでは、 phonics, dolphin, phrases の中からphの音を探しました。会話の練習もしました。みんなの持ち物を使って、お友達とペアになり、「これはあなたのジャケット(帽子)ですか?」、「そうです、ぼく(私)の物です。」という会話をしました。