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Let’s make it a memorable summer! Aurora – August 7-10 (思い出の夏にしよう!)

Ms.Aiza is taking an early summer vacation, so Ms.Tami from Brazil came to the Aurora class. At first, our children were a little confused, but soon they opened their minds, opened up to each other, and enjoyed spending time together. This week, after spending a lot of time outside playing in the pool and playing in the sand, we focused on the alphabet “I / i” through phonics lessons and writing practice with Ms.Tami. They remembered and used words starting with letter I / i (ex: ice cream, insect, iguana, inside and so on). We also enjoyed a I/i search game, which children love and is good at, searching for I/i with a magnifying glass! Good job!

今週は外で思い切りプール遊びや砂遊びをした後に、タミ先生と一緒にフォニックスのレッスンやライティングの練習を通してアルファベットの ” I / i ”に 着目しました。
I / i から始まる単語 (アイスクリーム、昆虫、イグアナ、~の中に 等) を覚えたり、使ったりしました。また、子ども達が大好きで得意とする I/i 探しゲーム=虫眼鏡でI/iを探す活動も楽しみました!

This week it was a small Aurora class that was a little lonely with many friends who were resting with fevers and coughs. May everyone’s summer holidays be healthy, fun, and memorable!