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Long Holiday! – Savanna 8/7-8/10

The mid-year-long holiday is around the corner, everybody is excited, plans have been made and moods have been set! We are all ready for the fun, are you? But before we engaged ourselves in the fun outside our classroom, we enjoyed first many fun activities at school with our friends.


On Monday, we started inquiring about how living creatures grow. We first took a look at our favorite insect, the butterfly. We are fortunate that we live in a high-tech era where lots of resources are available to make our research easier and more fun. This time, we used a YouTube video to observe the different Lify Cycle stages of a Butterfly. The video was very clear and very informative; we were able to learn new vocabulary like Chrysalis and Pupa. Also, we read a story about a girl who interrupted the metamorphosis by using scissors to release the insect. After watching the story, the kids reflected and said: The butterfly is weak, it couldn’t fly. We should not use scissors to release the butterfly, they can do it by themselves. They are very caring and realized how nature works. We wrapped up the inquiry by making a foldable butterfly with its life cycle. As we color each image on the paper, we were able to review the cycle and memorize the process. They are very happy to see the outcome.

今週から、生き物のライフサイクルについて調べ始めました。まず、みんなが大好きな蝶の探究から始めました。実際に成長の過程を見ることはできませんでしたが、YouTubeのビデオを使って、蝶の様々なライフサイクルの段階を観察しました。蝶の幼虫が卵からかえった直後に、幼虫が自分の卵を食べるところ、さなぎが蝶になる瞬間など、みんな食い入るようにビデオを見ていました。さなぎの2通りの英語での呼び方など、新しい言葉も学びました。また、さなぎから蝶になる瞬間に、ハサミを使って蝶の変態を助けてしまい、結果蝶を死なせてしまった女の子の話もビデオを読みました。物語を見た後、サバンナさんたちは、 「蝶は弱くなって飛べなくなってしまった。」、「ハサミで蝶を放してはいけない。蝶は自分で成虫になることができる。」、などの振り返りをしました。みんなとても思いやりがあり、自然の仕組みをよく理解することが出来ました。蝶のライフサイクルを示した、折りたたみ式のクラフトも作成しました。ビデオや本を参考にしながら色塗りをし、ライフサイクルのプロセスを覚えることが出来ました。子どもたちは出来上がりにとても満足しているようでした。

Our little readers have fallen in love with reading so much. They have already mastered segmenting: The process of sounding each letter in the word and putting them together to read. We are now working on reading words under eg family.

サバンナさんたちは、単語を読むこともとても上手になってきています。セグメンテーションと呼ばれる、単語の各文字を発音し、それらを組み合わせて読むプロセスをすでにマスターしています。現在は、leg, Keg, begなどの、「eg」ファミリーを読むことに取り組んでいます。

Before leaving the school on Thursday, we did some cleaning. We took home all our staff for washing and disinfecting and wiped our lockers to maintain their fresh looks. The room is spotless after the general cleaning, and we couldn’t be prouder of our savanna for being so organized and caring.


After 2 months of having the beetles and other insects in our classroom, we have released them to their real habitat and let them enjoy their life and nature. We all felt good after releasing them and were very thankful to them because by having them in our classroom, we were able to learn a lot.


We wish you a good and full of fun long holiday!