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Rainforest and Happy Holidays: Aug 7-11

We had an awesome time last Saturday at Matsumoto Bon Bon. Rainforest and their families were fantastic! We danced till the very last moment, all six rounds. Great job!


For the UOI, we revisited the story ‘That Fruit is Mine’ and discussed the problems and solutions. I explained to the class that a ‘solution’ is a way or an idea to solve a problem or conflict. We made a Mind Map to organise our thoughts. They said ‘the elephants tried different ways to get the fruits’, ‘the fruit too high’, they work together all 4 elephants’.


For Math, ordinal numbers were introduced to the class as first 1st, second 2nd, third 3rd. We had a ‘race’ in class with a finishing line held up. That was fun! Math is everywhere. We were able to link ordinal numbers to our everyday lives. With Friday August 11th being Mountain Day, we googled the internet to find out the tallest mountains in Nagano Prefecture and Japan. Using rulers and measuring tapes, we talked about centimetres and metres. In first place in Nagano, the highest mountain is Mt Okuhotaka at 3,190 metres. In first place in Japan is Mount Fuji, of course, at 3,778 metres. We pretended to be the top three highest mountains in Japan!

Have a fabulous Obon summer break! Till next week, take care.