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Bus Trip- We enjoyed nature- Meadow (May 23-27)

Hello everyone,

We’re glad everything was back to normal after a long holiday. We’re also glad to see the smiles of our youngsters back at school.


It was a nice day and we were able to make it to have our bus trip. Our youngsters were excited about getting on the bus and when we arrived at the park, they can’t wait to run and play. We spread our leisure sheet on a wide space and breathe the fresh air while having our snacks. Then we explored the park, practiced walking, and saw the trains passing by. Our youngsters also enjoyed picking up flowers growing on the ground. We also brought soap bubbles and as the teacher blew them, the kids enjoyed catching them up. The fun continued as the teacher took out the rings and we all roll them from the top of the hill and chased after them. We had so much fun. Going back to school made them more excited to open their lunchboxes. They showed it to each other and were very proud saying ” My mom made this for me!”. To parents, thank you for your support and we really appreciate your cooperation.

それから、公園を探検したり、お散歩の練習をしたり、電車が通りすぎるところを見たりして楽しみました!公園にはシロツメクサが咲いていてみんなで摘みとって見せ合いっこしました。シャボン玉も持っていき、先生がシャボン玉を吹くと子どもたちは夢中になってキャッチ!みんなシャボン玉を追いかけるのが大好きです💕 フラフープを丘の上から転がし、走って追いかけたりと楽しみが続きました。とても楽しかったね!
学校に戻ると、お弁当箱を開けるのがさらに楽しみになったようです。「ママが作ってくれたの!」と自慢げに見せ合っていました。 保護者の皆様、ご協力ありがとうございました!

Walking outside the campus

It’s the first time for our youngsters to walk outside the campus holding the rope following their friends after them. We explained the rules before we went, and the danger of not following them. Along the way, we saw different kinds of flowers and our youngsters were able to mention their colors, red, purple, green, and yellow.

これまで園庭でお散歩の練習をしてきたメドーさんですが、今週初めてお散歩ロープを使ってみんなでキャンパスの外を歩いてみました!まずは出発前にお散歩のルールを説明。もし守らないとどうなるか…と危険性について話しました。 途中、いろいろな種類の花が咲いていて、みんな赤、紫、緑、黄色とお花の色を言うことができました🌼

Farm animals

We reviewed the farm animals’ names and then we spread the flashcards with only half part of their bodies on the floor. We asked them to pick up the card and matched them with the half animals on the wall. They were able to say the animals’ names and matched them correctly.

農園の動物たちの名前を確認した後、体が半分だけの動物たちのカードを床に広げました。 カードを手に取って、壁に貼ったもう半分の動物と合わせてもらいました。 みんな正しく貼り付けられました!動物の名前も上手に言えました🐰

Music Class

It’s been a while since we had music class. We were amazed to see our little ones sitting nicely and clapping their hands paying attention to their teacher. They enjoyed singing the “Genkotsuyama no tanuki-san.” Well done, Meadow!


Zoo Animals

After learning about the farm animals, we also learned about the zoo animals: lion, tiger, monkey, panda, giraffe, and zebra. . We showed the flashcards and say their names. After that, we did the activity ” find the zoo animals”. We hid the animal flashcards anywhere in the room and the children explored around using their binoculars. When they saw the animals they say “Hello, lion, monkey, panda, etc. They really enjoyed the activity.

農園に住む動物たちについて学んだ後は、今度は動物園の動物(ライオン、トラ、サル、パンダ、キリン、シマウマ)について学びました!フラッシュカードを見せながら、動物たちの名前をおさらいした後、「Find the zoo animals」というアクティビティを行いました。フラッシュカードを部屋のあちこちに置き、みんなで双眼鏡を使って探索しました。動物が見えると、「ハロー、ライオンさん!」「モンキーいた!」「パンダ!」などなど、おしゃべりしていました。 みんなこのアクティビティをとても楽しんでくれました🥰

Free play- Enhancing fine motor Skills

Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.