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Meadow:When in doubt, make funny faces🤪 (November 13th~17th)

Hello all!
Welcome to Meadow’s third blog of the month.
Mornings and nights are definitely cold now. We have to keep in mind to be more active as we head toward the winter season.


Hola new park!

On Monday and Tuesday we walked to the park near Tokyo Interior . All of the Meadow students really liked the atmosphere there and they kept on saying,”let’s go there again tomorrow!” The play structures were more interesting than the other parks they have been to before. There’s a ‘ship deck ‘ where kids can pretend to be sailors , stirring the wheel of the ship. I asked one of the students where she was going and she said “to Disney sea!” 🚢On Thursday we went to North Shonai Park by bus.


Face, face , face

On Tuesday during afternoon circle time we made faces using craft paper. The main parts were the hair, eyes and the mouth. After a demonstration from the teacher, the students removed double sided tape from these parts and stuck them where they thought they ought to be.As usual, the end products were really interesting!!😆Yay to original creativity coupled with unique imagination!

The letter N

This week we learnt words that begin with the letter “n”. These are nail, nest, net, necklace, nuts and neck. To some people “n” and “m” sound the same. Therefore we took our time to really sound them out.”nnnnnn nuts not muts!” You all did a great job!

今週は「n」で始まる単語を学びました。nail(釘)、nest(巣)、net(網)、necklace(ネックレス)、nuts(木の実)、neck(首)です。”n “と “m “は同じに聞こえる人もいるので、私たちは時間をかけて、「nnnnnn nuts not muts!」のように音を確かめながら学ぶようにしました。よく頑張りました!

Emergency drill(Fire from the kitchen)

Recently there has been news about houses that burned down in Nagano due to the misuse of kerosine heaters. When it comes to fires, kitchens are also red zones. Therefore with the hope of equipping the kids with the knowledge of how to handle themselves in the event of a fire, we had a drill on Thursday. The acronym “O-H-A-S-H-I-M-O-TE” is what the teacher used to explain what needs to be done. It’s important not to push others, not to run, not to talk, not to return to the building and to cover one’s mouth in order to prevent too much smoke from entering the lungs. We hope everyone understood and that they will remember if the need ever arises.

最近、長野で灯油ストーブの誤用による住宅全焼のニュースがありました。火災といえば、台所もレッドゾーン。そこで、子どもたちに火災時の対処法を身に付けてもらおうと、木曜日に避難訓練を行いました。O-H-A-S-H-I-M-O-TE “という頭文字をとって、先生は何をすべきかを説明した。他の人を押さないこと、走らないこと、しゃべらないこと、建物に戻らないこと、煙が肺に入りすぎないように口をふさぐことが大切です。全員が理解し、いざというときに思い出してくれることを願っています。

Christmas show rehearsal

There are just a few weeks left until the Christmas show event! Our costumes are now ready and we have been diligently practising our performances.

Below are the links of the songs we are going to use for our Christmas show performance.If you find the time, please play them for your little ones. I am 99.9% sure they will dance for you just the way they have been dancing in class.



Have a lovely weekend! See you next week!