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Reflective, Principled, and Knowledgeable! Milky Way 4/22-4/26

Reflective: I can think of ways that I can improve.

振り返りができる人: より良くする方法を考えることができる。

Principled: I try to make the right choices.

信念をもつ人: 正しいと思う選択をする。

Knowledgeable: I can tell and show you what I have learned.

知識のある人: 学んだことを伝えたり、示すことができる。

The Milky Way class continued to reflect on their actions, make the right choices, and show what they have learned in our UOI this week. 


What do you do when the teacher says “It’s time to clean up.”? Do you continue playing? Do you hide somewhere? Do you ignore the teacher?


What do you do when the teacher says “Please line up and go to the bathroom.”? Do you dash to line up? Do you push your friend in line? Do you run in the hallway?


How do you use the toilet? Do you play around while waiting for your turn? Do you go back to the classroom without washing your hands?


How do you clean up/line up/walk in the hallway/use the toilet as Milky Way students?


What are the good choices for you to stay healthy and safe when doing your job?


Those were just some of the questions asked to the students to reflect on their actions or how they do their job as Milky Way students or preschoolers. After some realizations, they  were able to tell in detail how they were supposed to clean up after workstation time/playing, line up, walk in the hallway, and use the toilet. And we are so happy to see how they improve after talking about those things and that they can show what they learned in our UOI.


“We stop playing and clean up.” “We arrange the tables and chairs.”

「遊びをやめてお片付けをする」 「テーブルと椅子を並べる」

“We stand up.” “We push in chairs.” “We walk to the line.” “We stay in line.” “We walk quietly.”

「立つ」「椅子をしまう」「歩いて並ぶ」「並んで待つ」 「静かに歩く」

“We walk to the toilet.” “We use the toilet.” “We wash our hands with soap.” “We line up and go back to the classroom.”


Milky Way is now getting better and getting used to reading magic e words. This week we practiced reading i-e magic words. We did an activity called “Post It!” where the teacher shows a picture and says each letter sounds and students find the correct word among the word cards given to them. They have 10 word cards each and we were surprised that they could find the appropriate word and post it on the board faster than we thought.

ミルキーさん達は、magic E wordsの読み方に慣れてきました。今週はi-e magic wordsを読む練習をしました。「ポストイット!」というアクティビティで、Ms.Fronieが見せた絵の単語の、それぞれの文字の音を言った後、単語カードの中から正しい単語を見つけるというものです。みんなそれぞれ10枚ずつ単語カードを持っていたのですが、思ったよりも早く見つけてホワイトボードに貼ることができたのでびっくりしました!!

Koinobori meaning ‘carp streamer’ in Japanese, are carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no sekku, a traditional calendrical event which is now designated as Children’s Day (Kodomo no hi), a national holiday in Japan. May 5 is Children’s Day, when families celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of children. As part of this celebration, we made a koinobori craft using origami. They made three pieces of koinobori with the colors they like. It was a little bit challenging for them but with the help of teachers and other friends, we did it successfully.


Thank you for reading our blog and have a fun long weekend!