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Meadow:Where is baby’s Valentine?(February 13th~16th)

Hello all!
Welcome to Meadow’s second blog of the month. We enjoyed some pretty warm weather this week and with Valentine’s the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!



We kicked things off by walking to the park behind 7 eleven. It had been quite a while since we had last visited. The park was partly covered in snow and mostly muddy. Of course some Meadow members couldn’t help but make vanilla ice creams topped with chocolate syrup!


Phonics and the letter W

The words we were taught this week are web, watermelon, watch, wall, water, walnut , wagon and walk.


Where is baby’s Valentine?

In an effort to help Meadow familiarise with the basics of Valentine’s day , the teacher read “Where is baby’s Valentine’s?” by Karen Katz many times. It’s an interactive story where the kids can respond to the questions asked and say out their thoughts. It’s a fun story.


Look a train is coming!

We went to Nanbu park by bus on Thursday. We always enjoy watching many trains passing by.



We always enjoy dancing and singing on Fridays!


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.



Have a good and restful weekend. See you next week!