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Art and Craft – Savanna 2/13 – 2/16

The long weekend has caused everyone nothing but a relaxed mind, body, and soul which helped boost our creativity and artistic instincts.

The Savanna class welcomed the week by inquiring about one of the most important helpers in the community, a hair and makeup artist. One of the parents happened to be doing the job. We were so happy to spend time with her and experience how her job is being done. After asking her questions such as: What are you called? Where do you work? What do you do? We looked into the tools she uses to perform her job, some of the inquirers got a bit scared after seeing a mannequin head with beautiful hair but got too excited after seeing a real makeup kit with eye shadows, brushes, lipstick, etc. We closed the talk by experiencing putting makeup on our model and dyeing the hair of our pretend customers. It was such a nice and unique experience for everybody.



Moving forward to different helpers in the community, we delved into the world of the helpers responsible for the accessibility, and productivity of the community, the construction workers.

We opened the inquiry by reading a book about a team that works together to achieve a goal, “Mighty Mighty Construction Site” It was a giveaway knowledge since after we read the books, the inquirers guessed right away that the next topic we’ll be inquiring about, they said: Builders! We looked into how an architect designs the community and how builders make the plan happen. They both work hand in hand to make masterpieces such as buildings, bridges, and other industrial places that help the people in the community.

Our little inquirers display good teamwork too in their activity where they will design their own pretend community: in their planning, you can see that everyone communicates well to achieve their goal, some even used rock scissors papers to resolve a conflict between the members, some even said: We get in trouble sometimes, but it’s okay, this is still fun. We’re very proud of our little inquiries since they can connect their learnings to real-life situations and achieve their goal with a happy heart.




We can’t wait to see what their pretend community will look like. It’s just satisfying to see how everyone tailors everything together, connecting their inquiries and learnings to everything even to arts and crafts!



Have a fantastic weekend!