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Rainforest and Open Day: February 12-16

Thank you dear Parents and Grandparents for coming to our Open Day! Rainforest had been busy preparing for your visit. The student-led presentations went so well and the audience was so supportive! Rainforest: It was good! It was fun and exciting! I was nervous but I did it! Creative 3D Masterpieces – Fire Rock Drone, Strawberry Train, Anderbil Train, Ghost Train, and Sky Blue Drone. We also had Yellow Pikachu, Green Rakuza, Brown Ibui and Super Police Car. AWESOME!!


Rainforest has grown so much in their confidence and self-esteem. One by one, each student presented “My 3D Masterpiece” to a room full of adults, and yet they kept their nerves! I reused cardboard, plastic bottles and paper rolls. I enjoyed painting the train. The difficult part was sticking them and taping them together. I like the face (Pikachu). Rainforest persevered to finish their 3D artwork. There were countless rounds of fixing the parts that were falling apart, taping and re-painting. We know that good challenges come with obstacles, and Rainforest overcame them. Excellent job!

We had great fun in Tennis Open Day too! Thank you for your wonderful support. Rainforest learned a Valentine’s Day song for our dear loved ones. Please see the link below. Till next week, have a fantastic weekend!