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Milky Way February 26 – March 1

3月に入り、春の陽気を感じられる日が増えてきましたが、Milky Wayのお友達もそんな陽気の中多くのことを学び、経験しています。
The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the final unit of the school year is already halfway done. The Milky Way students have spent this week learning more about various resources present in Japan, such as rice, automobiles and technologies, but also about trade and barter, as means of sharing them with other countries, studied during our Geography lessons. The students are also getting proficient at various math problems, such as telling time and addition and subtraction with two-digit numbers.
Playtime had seen a breath of fresh wind as well. The students have recently gotten very interested in the games of chess and shogi and they love to work together in learning from their classmates and finding out the various moves and strategies they can employ. We have also finaly managed to take another long walk in nature on sunny Tuesday, which everyone enjoyed.
Tommorow marks the first major rehearsal for the students’ graduation performance. Everyone seems to be in good spirits and enjoying their performances and speeches, so they should show a lot of enthusiasm in the rehearsal tommorow as well. Here’s to another great week!