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Smile – Milky Way 6/20 – 6/24

Time flies when you are having fun.


That saying is indeed true because we are almost done with our first Unit of Inquiry! But before we close the unit, we talked about another habit that will keep us healthy, Brushing our teeth.


This week we discussed the importance of brushing our teeth and why is it beneficial if we do it regularly. It’s so nice to see the reaction of the students after learning that germs and bacteria can also be found in our mouths. All of them were shouting: eww! after watching the video that shows germs partying inside our mouths after eating.



To give them the chance to really visualize how germs stick to our teeth and linger in our mouth, we did this craft where germs are on the teeth. They tried to get rid of them by painting white color paint on the teeth until the germs are gone.


We used Alphabet magnets in our Phonics this week. The students were tasked to listen to the word and its sound carefully and spell the word using the magnets. All of them are innately competitive thus making this activity a fun one for them.


It’s been a while since the last time we went to Tokyo Interior Park. This week was a treat for we were able to visit the park and have fun like before.


Summer is coming soon, and we all can’t wait to be in the pool and stay cool on these scorching days!


Have a great weekend and always remember to SMILE! 🙂