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Farewell our dear friend! SV/RF 6/24

This week we bid farewell to one of our friends as she embarks her journey and adventures in another country. Although it is hard to say goodbye, we wish her all the best. We hope our roads cross again someday. We love you!! 

Summer days are here with daily temperatures rising to 30 degrees celsius, but the children don’t mind the humid and steaming weather if they are actively engaged in their play. Besides this week ends our walk to the park on Wednesdays as we will soon start the pool play in July. We will resume our park visits in September, meanwhile the children will have some water fun in our front yard! 
夏の日は気温が摂氏30度以上に上昇しますが、子どもたちは積極的に遊びに参加していれば、気温や蒸し暑さを気にしない様子です。(もちろんしっかり水分補給をしています😉)毎週水曜日の公園への散歩は今週で終わり、7月には園庭でプールを開始します。 9月になったらまた公園や散歩を再開します。

The children made simple pizza as part of the family bonding activity in the UOI lessons. We hope the families have received the recipe and perhaps try them at home. The children certainly had a blast making them at school. They were thrilled and couldn’t wait to dig into them soon as the pizzas came out of the ovens. They devoured those scrumptious pizzas they have made in no time!  

The children were focused on their writing lessons, as well as the workstation task of documenting the bean plant growth by putting them in the correct order. As we conclude the bean plant project here in school we hope the families will have lots of fun taking care of the plants at home.  

The children enjoy dancing with the streamers every chance they get. It is nice to have some variety of tools to dance with. We have also rearranged the writing, science, and math centers a bit. We hope to share what we do in these centers on the Open Day as the parents visit the classroom. 

We have designated a time slot to take care of our vegetable garden daily and this week the garden has yielded 21 tomatoes and some cucumber flowers!! We added some nutrients to help them grow bigger and healthier. We hope to see more of them as the day goes by. It is fun to observe the growth as the children carefully water the vegetables and flowers! 
私たちは毎日野菜の世話をする時間を朝に設定し、今週庭には21個のトマトといくつかのキュウリの花を見つけました!野菜たちが大きく、元気で健康に成長するのを助けるためにいくつかの栄養素を加えました。もっとたくさんの野菜が収穫できることを楽しみにしています🍅🥒 子どもたちが野菜や花に水やりをして世話をしている姿(成長)を観察するのはとても楽しいです💖