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Gym Open Day and Star Festival! Milky Way 7/3-7

Hello everyone!


New month has come, hello July! New month, new songs and dances, new workstation activities, and new unit for our UOI. For our songs and dances, I asked the opinion and ideas of Milky Way class which song they want to sing for our morning circle time and goodbye song. For the Jump Out Words song, we started doing the level 3 and we decided to change some of its dance steps. Recently, they love the Super Mario character and we used the Mario jump for the jump out word dance, and they really enjoy it more.

7月に入りましたね!新しい月、新しい歌と踊り、新しいワークステーション、そしてUOIの新しいユニットが始まりました。歌とダンスは、朝と帰りのサークルタイムにどの歌を歌いたいか、クラスのみんなに意見を聞いて決めました。Jump Out Wordsの歌はレベル3に入り、ステップには最近子ども達に大人気のスーパーマリオのジャンプを取り入れました😊

For our IB Time workstation activities, we have new Math activities such as Acorn Addition game and Football Skip Counting. We have a new set of Digraph Word Building activity for English. We also have plastic chain links activity wherein students can make different shapes or objects by connecting them, and it’s also a good activity to improve their fine motor skills. Now we have a Blocks Area in the classroom wherein students can enjoy building various objects or things. In our Discovery or Science Area, we are focusing on observing insects like snails and beetles. Students can fill in the observation sheet which includes the name of the insect, color, size, number of legs, and food they eat. In our Creative or Art Area, we had a drawing activity related to our UOI which is to draw a picture showing a problem, conflict, or argument with someone. Students also described or explained their drawing after.

IBタイムのワークステーションのアクティビティでは、どんぐりの足し算ゲームやサッカーのスキップカウントなどの算数のアクティビティが新しく加わりました。英語では、新しいアクティビティ「Digraph Word Building」を用意しました。また、プラスチックのチェーンをつなげていろいろな形や物を作るアクティビティもあり、手先の細かい動きに必要な力をつける練習にもなります。また、教室内にはブロックエリアを作り、レゴブロックや積み木などを組み立てて楽しむことができます。ディスカバリーエリアでは、カタツムリやカブトムシなどの昆虫などの観察に力を入れています。昆虫の名前、色、大きさ、足の数、食べるものなどを観察シートに記入しています。クリエイティブエリアでは、UOIに関連した絵を描き、その絵について説明しました。

This week our gym day was extra special because Milky Way did it with their parents. Yes, it was our Gym Open Day! We could see how delighted our students were when they saw their parents at the gym and made them more motivated to do their best in all the activities at the gym. Thank you very much, dear parents, for participating and being so game. We really appreciate it!


Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese festival originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi. People celebrate by writing their wishes on small pieces of paper (called tanzaku) and hanging them on bamboo branches with hopes they will come true. Milky Way class made a tanzaku. First they cut a star-shaped paper and tried flick painting using a toothbrush to make it more beautiful like a shining star. Taped a blue tail on the tanzaku paper and glued the star. Then, they wrote their wish on it. “I wish I could…”


In our Phonics lesson, we continued to learn about digraph, and we focused on the /ck/ digraph. We did a quick Feed the Bear race after practicing /ck/ words. We also played basketball digraph during our outdoor pool. They had to collect the balls in the water, read the digraph word written on them, and shoot the ball in the net. Everyone didn’t just enjoy it but also was able to review reading digraph /ck/ words.

フォニックスのレッスンでは、ダイグラフ(二重音字)/ck/ を学びました。/ck/の単語を練習した後、早速、単語を書いてクマさんに食べさせるFeed the Bearレースをしました。また園庭でのプール遊びでは、水中にばらまかれたのボールを拾い、そこに書かれた単語を読んで、ネットにボールをシュートするゲームをしました。楽しみながら/ck/の単語を読む復習にもなりました😊手作りおもちゃでは、輪ゴムを使ったボートを作った子もいて、水中でうまく進むことができていました!

That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!