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Super fun Bug Hunt-Shooting Star-July 3rd-7th

楽しかった虫捕り Shooting Star 7月3日から7日より

Dear Parents,


Shooting Star class had another fun-learning experiences this week!

Shooting Starクラスは今週楽しい学びの経験をしました。

The most exciting episode of this week was our trip to Gojo Elementary School for our bug hunt activity as part of our unit 2 with our Theme, “Sharing The Planet”, Central idea, “Living creatures are essential members of the planet”, and Line of inquiry 1, “Living creatures around us.” It was our first long drive for this school year and we could say that it was super fun. We would like to thank the Grade 3/4 class for giving us a wonderful slideshow presentation about insects and allowing us to see a closer look of their posters. After the presentation, we went outside with Grade 1 students to hunt some insects and bugs by group with our insect cage. Walking around the schoolyard to find insects and other species was a super fun adventure for us. It enhanced our social skills by exchanging conversations like, Look, what I’ve found, What’s this? etc.  It’s amazing how much Shooting Star have learned about insects seeing them up close. After bug hunting, we went back to ISN Minami and we were so happy to see all the species that we have caught and we arrayed the insect cage on the shelf for everyone to see. Looking at insects using the magnifying glass helps us develop our attention to details and it’s a great ‘way in’ to science, sparking our early interest in the subject. 

今週、最も楽しかった事とはUnit 2のテーマの一つでISNの小学部がある五常キャンパスへ虫捕りに行ったことです。”Sharing The Planet”というテーマで学びの中心である “Living creatures are essential members of the planet”と探求の一つである “Living creatures around us.” が目的です。このテーマは今年度、初めての長期に渡る学びとなり、楽しんでいけることと思います。小学部の3,4年生の生徒の皆さんには私達の為に昆虫に関する素晴らしいスライドショーの発表を準備して頂き、まとめたプレゼン用のポスターを近くで見せて頂きましたことを感謝したいと思います。発表の後は虫捕りに一年生と一緒にグループ毎に虫かごを持って外に出ました。虫やその他の生き物を探して学校の敷地を歩き回るのは子供達にはとても楽しい探求でした。 Look, what I’ve found, What’s this? etc.  のような会話をするのはShooting Starクラスの子ども達にとって社交性を高める良い機会となりました。

Playing in the water is one of the exciting activities that we look forward everyday. It is not only fun, but it can improve our physical and cognitive development. Aside from splashing, we also enjoyed other water activities such as; running in the water,


Thank you parents for coming to the Gym Open Day. It was a great experience for Shooting Star students doing the lesson with their parents. It was not only all about their happiness seeing their parents come, but it was a moment of proving themselves how self-reliant they are by engaging in all the activities with their parents although, a few of them got teary-eyed when it was time to say goodbye.

保護者の皆様には体操教室の参観日にお越し頂きましてありがとうございました。Shooting Starクラスの子ども達は保護者の方と一緒に体操出来て素晴らしい経験となりました。何人かはお父さん、お母さんを別れるのがが身しくて涙が出てしまいましたが、お父さん、お母さんと会えて嬉しかっただけでなく、全ての活動において自立している場面をお見せ出来る場面がたくさんありました。