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Setting Goals for Ourselves! Milky Way 9/25-29

What is a goal? A goal is something that you want to do or to be. It is something that you want to achieve or accomplish. It can be a goal that can improve or help yourself, friends, teachers, or other people. Goal setting for children is important because it gives them a sense of purpose that can improve their confidence and build their self-esteem. A part of it is teaching children to reflect on things they do well and things they need to improve on. 


Since we have successfully accomplished our goals for the Sports Festival, now Milky Way class is focusing on setting goals for themselves. Every morning, their task is to write their goal for the day and we reflect in the afternoon circle time if they were able to achieve or work on their goals. This is also a good opportunity for them to practice and develop their writing skills while thinking about the spelling of the words to be written. We use the self-assessment faces green happy face, yellow straight face, and red sad face to assess themselves. On the first day, some of them failed to achieve or work on their goals which became their motivation to do better the next day. On the second day, all of them did very well and proudly took the green happy faces. That was wonderful!


Milky Way enjoyed our Phonics activity which is a Musical Digraph game. They made a circle using the digraph word cards. They danced around it while the music was playing, and had to stop as the music stopped. Each of them had to read the digraph word in front of them. Everyone did a great job in reading the digraph words and singing/dancing their favorite song.


ISN had two events this week. We had our monthly emergency drill and birthday party. Everyone was wondering who the men visited the school. They just realized they were firefighters when they saw the fire truck outside and had them explain further about the emergency drill. They were so happy that they also had a chance to look closer at the fire truck and had the opportunity to take photos.


Our birthday party was a blast! We had fun watching some magic tricks done by Ms. Ayako. It was great and very fun! Two of our friends celebrated their 6th birthday. Happiest birthday, to both of you!


That’s all! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful week!