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Labor Thanksgiving Day and National Flags! Milky Way 11/20-24

Last week, Milky Way made some flowers using origami and put them together to make a bouquet of flowers to thank our hardworking bus driver, office and kitchen staff. They were so excited to give it to them and see their reactions. They were glad that our school staff were touched by what they did to appreciate and thank them for their hard work. Please continue to support and take care of Milky Way class for the rest of the year. Thank you!


In UOI, we started to explore LOI2: Cultures around the world by matching the national flag, traditional food, and language of various countries. They also enjoyed making the national flags of their chosen country as a group such as the USA, Ireland, South Korea, and Philippines using paint. They did their best to make their flags as beautiful as the original ones. Next week, we will explore more of these countries’ cultures through research.

UOI では、LOI(探求の流れ)2: Cultures around the world(世界の文化)の探究が始まりました。まずは国旗や伝統的な料理、言葉をマッチさせるゲームをやってみました。また、アメリカ、アイルランド、韓国、フィリピンなど、グループで選んだ国の国旗を絵の具を使って作ることも楽しみました。本物の国旗のようにきれいになるよう、一生懸命取り組んでいました✨来週は、これらの国の文化をリサーチしてさらに掘り下げていきます。

In Phonics, we learned about digraph /oe/ such as doe, toe, potatoes, tomatoes, heroes, and goes. They had a good laugh when we were trying to complete the sentences using these digraph words. They found it funny when I intentionally used a wrong word in a sentence which indicates that they understood the meaning of the sentence and the words. To challenge them, I asked them to close their eyes while I’m posting the digraph words around the classroom and find the appropriate word that will complete the sentences.


On Friday, they walked to the park with our Shooting Star friends and enjoyed playing with the beautiful fallen autumn leaves.

金曜日には、年中さんのShooting Starクラスと一緒に南部公園へ歩いて行きました。遊具でしばらく遊んだ後、グラウンドの落ち葉がたくさんあるエリアで、この季節ならではの落ち葉遊びを楽しみました😊

Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!