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Celebration of life! Savanna Nov. 27- Dec. 1

We were finally able to have our sweet potato party, which had been postponed due to the bad weather! With the help of volunteer parents, we built a fire in the schoolyard and threw the sweet potatoes we had wrapped into the sun. The finished sweet potatoes were so delicious and chewy♡ Even the children who usually don’t like to eat sweet potatoes enjoyed the freshly baked sweet potatoes and ate a lot of them. We are looking forward to next fall.

天候が悪かったため延期になっていた焼き芋会を、やっと行うことが出来ました!ボランティアの保護者の方にご協力いただき、園庭で火をおこし、自分たちで包んだサツマイモを日の中に投げ入れました。出来上がったお芋は、ほくほくでとっても美味しかったです♡ 普段お芋を食べるのが苦手な子も、焼き立てのお芋はおいしくて沢山食べていました。来年の秋も楽しみですね。

For the world celebrations, we explored Chinese New Year and Christmas in the Philippines. Ms. Serena, whose ancestors are from China, was our guest speaker and talked about the Chinese New Year. We learned that in China, there is a custom called “Red packets,” which is similar to the “Otoshidama” in Japan. We learned how to pronounce “Happy New Year” (Xīn nián kuài lè) and “Thank you” (xiè xiè) in the local language, and experienced receiving New Year’s gifts. We also made dragon crafts, a symbol of Chinese New Year. We learned that dragons are colored in very colorful colors, and everyone painted the dragon in the colorful colors of their choice. The result was a powerful dragon soaring in the air!

Ms. Ann told us again about Christmas in the Philippines and how Jesus Christ was born, and then we made a diorama together. They became very good at using scissors.

世界のお祝いについては、中国の旧正月と、フィリピンのクリスマスについて探究をしました。 祖先が中国出身のMs. Serenaをゲストに迎え、中国の旧正月についてお話をしてもらいました。中国でも、Red packets と呼ばれる、日本でいう「お年玉」のような習慣があることがわかりました。現地の言葉で「あけましておめでとう」新年快楽(Xīn nián kuài lè)と、「ありがとう」を意味する、谢谢(xiè xiè)の発音の仕方を教えてもらい、お年玉を受け取る体験をしました。また、中国の旧正月のシンボルである、ドラゴン(竜)のクラフトもしました。ドラゴンはとてもカラフルな色で色付けされることを知り、みんな思い思いのカラフルな色を塗りました。宙に舞い上がる力強いドラゴンが出来上がりました!

フィリピンのクリスマスについては、Ms Annにもう一度イエスキリストが誕生した時のお話をしてもらい、みんなでジオラマ作りをしました。ハサミを使いのがとても上手になりましたね。

Practice for the Christmas show is going well. Everyone is looking forward to the day when their families will come to see the show. This week, we set goals for what we wanted to do today, such as “say the lines loudly,” “do big actions,” and “wait quietly for our turn,” and then went to practice. Everyone wanted to make their families happy. We will continue to work as a team and practice hard for the next few weeks.


Thursday was the last day with Ms. Ann, who had joined our Savannah class while Ms. Richine was away. Although it was only for a short time, she gave us a lot of support and joy during the Christmas show practice and exploration time. Everyone was sad to see her go, but happy to know that she will be coming back to ISN again.

木曜日は、Ms Richineが不在の間サバンナクラスにいれくれた、Ms Annとの最後に日でした。短い間でしたが、クリスマスショーの練習や、探究の時間にたくさんのサポートをしていただきました。みんな名残惜しいようでしたが、またISNに来て下さることを知り、とてもうれしくなりました。

There may be lots of celebration dedicated to different things around us, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to be thankful to all good things around us and celebrate the life we enjoy!


See you all in the next blog.