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A Christmas Carol! Milky Way 12/11-15

The most awaited event of the year has finally come, the Christmas Show! Everyone did their best and did a great job in presenting a role play and music performance for their parents and relatives. For sure, they are all happy and proud of what you have done. Congratulations to all!


Milky Way class chose “A Christmas Carol”, which is just perfect for them because they love singing and dancing. They used their beautiful singing voice in singing different Christmas songs. They did a great job in memorizing their lines and as much as they could, they delivered it with a loud voice. They also had a music performance wherein they used various music instruments aside from pianica. They worked as a team to create beautiful music. Well done, Milky Way!


In Phonics, they learned about the digraphs /ui/ and /ue/. Both of them have a long /ū/ sound. We can hear /ui/ sound in the middle of the word and /ue/ at the end of the word. To test if they understood the difference between the two digraphs, we did a group spelling activity. They named the pictures shown by the teacher, identified where the /ū/ sound is and wrote the spelling of the words on the white board.


This week, we also started to have a “Tell A Story” activity. During our morning circle time, the teacher shows a picture and students have to tell a story about the picture. There are guide questions written on the board to help students think of what they have to say. This activity is another way to improve not just their English speaking skills, but also communication and social skills.

今週から「Tell A Story」というアクティビティも始めました。朝のサークルタイムで、先生が絵を見せて、子ども達はその絵にまつわる話をします。話す内容を考えるのを助けるために、ホワイトボードにガイドの質問が書かれています。このアクティビティは、英語のスピーキングスキルだけでなく、コミュニケーションスキルやソーシャルスキルを向上させる方法でもあります😊

During our outside play, Milky Way are enjoying playing the Filipino game they learned from Ms. Fronie. It’s called “Maupo-upo”. This is the Filipino version of “tag” wherein the “it” has to chase other players, but the difference is that the players have to sit down (maupo) before the “it” touches them to be safe or else you will be the new “it”. It requires a lot of stamina and running skills which is also a good exercise for them especially in cold weather.

外遊びでは、Ms.Fronieに教えてもらったフィリピンの遊びを楽しんでいます✨その名は「マウポウポ」。これはフィリピン版おいかけっこで、”それ “が他のプレーヤーを追いかけますが、違うのは、”おそれ”に触られる前に、プレーヤーは座ら(マウポ)なければなりません。”それ “はスタミナと走力が必要になりますが、特に寒い季節には良い運動にもなりますね😊

Thank you everyone for coming to watch the performance of our wonderful ISN students! They were all glad to see you while they were performing on stage. Have a good weekend!