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How We Express Ourselves! 自分自身を表現すること- Savanna (12/11 – 12/15)

One of the main purposes or goals of the current unit is to help our inquirers express themselves in various ways.


Although the focal point of our unit is about celebration, The Savanna class also talked about how they’d be able to express themselves and tell the story of their play to their audience. After many rehearsals and practices, we came up with a rule that should be followed during the dialogue on the stage:

  • 1. “Big voice” -> They concluded that if their voices were not loud enough, the audience would not be able to understand the story.
  • 2. “Big Action” -> They realized that actions also help the audience to understand the story, so it is very important to always make a big and clear action during the play.
  • 3. “Not too fast” -> This phrase pertains to their speech speed. Since our actors are so used to speaking the English language, their speed when talking tends to be fast, but, will that help the audience understand the story? Is it good to do during a play? The answer is negative, and that’s why, they set a goal, not to just deliver their lines and words clearly but also at a moderate speed.
  • 4. Eye Contact -> As a novice actor, it is inevitable to feel shy and look away when having a dialogue, but since the goal is to deliver a good story, our Savanna Actors worked hard to overcome their shyness and always have eye contact both with their co-actors and their audience during the play.

The play may not have been perfect and could have been better, but to make it perfect was not the goal, but to be able to make our parents elated, be able to tell the story, and most importantly enjoy the play and have a sense of satisfactory and be proud of our selves after the whole project!


  • 「大きな声で話す」→自分たちの声が十分大きくないと、観客はストーリーを理解できない。
  • 「アクションを大きく」→アクション(動き)も観客の理解を助けるので、劇中、常に大きく明確なアクションをすることが非常に重要である。
  • 「早すぎない」→台詞を話すスピードについての目標です。サバンナさん達は、英語を話すことに慣れているので、話すスピードが速くなりがちです。それで観客はストーリーを理解できるのでしょうか?それを劇中にもやっていいのでしょうか?答えはNoです。台詞や言葉をはっきり伝えるだけでなく、適度なスピードで話すことを目標にしました。
  • 「アイコンタクト」→演技をすることに慣れていない子どもたちにとって、台詞を言うときに恥ずかしがって目をそらしてしまうのは仕方のないことです。ですが、良い物語を届けることが目的なので、サバンナの役者たちは恥ずかしさを克服し、劇中、一緒に演じるお友達にも観客にも、常にアイコンタクトをとるよう努力しました。


From the bottom of our hearts, we extend our gratitude to everybody for being part of the show! We hope that we were able to give you a good time and an unforgettable Christmas Show!


We will see you in the next and final blog for the year 2023 next week!