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Explore more through play – Canyon (February 5th- 9th)

Hello everyone,

The heavy snowfall this week brought a magnificent moment for our youngsters. They enjoyed the abundance of snow and could make something out of it. They made a snow hill digging and stacking up until they made it higher. Most of the friends wanted to slide down and they fell in line to have their turn. They also made a snow tunnel and went in and out. They enjoyed playing with the Rainforest students and taking turns pushing their friends on the sled.


Kids develop more interest in transportation. They have a lot to enjoy in the classroom. Making their original transportation using recycled resources, using their math ability by counting the numbers of cars, doing the transportation number puzzles, and recognizing colors in order. Some kids also made cars using shapes and mentioned what shapes they were. They also had a blast playing with the cardboard boats while fishing.


Kids deepen their exploration and inquiry by spotting the differences between the past and the present transportation. We prepared the flashcards and compared them. Kids were able to say… In the past, ships, airplanes, and cars are slow, and the present is fast. In the past, airplanes and ships are smaller than the present. The bicycles in the past have bigger wheels than the present. participated in giving their opinions.


We conducted an earthquake drill. When the teachers shouted EARTHQUAKE! kids reacted calmly. They all stopped what they were doing and hid quickly under the table. They followed the teachers’ instructions and evacuated quietly. We have done this evacuation drill many times this year and we were glad that they remembered the rules on how to evacuate. Well done Canyon. We are so proud of you!


Dear parents, thank you for your cooperation in preparing the children’s clothes for playing in the snow. We had a wonderful week, boosting our health, and keeping active in this cold weather.

Please keep warm and enjoy your weekend.