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Doing what we love the most! MW 3/11-15

“Doing what you love is where happiness lives!”


One thing the Milky Way never gets tired of doing is making crafts or art. Since the beginning of the school year, not a day goes by without them creating something. This week, they spent their time working on three things such as eggshell craft, posters, and thank you cards.

ミルキーさん達がいつも飽きずにやっていることのひとつに、工作や アート作りがあります。4月から年長さんになって以来、何かを作らない日はないくらい。今週は、卵の殻のクラフト、UOIのポスター作り、感謝のお手紙を作るのに大忙しでした。

Each student chose a picture of their favorite and used it for making an eggshell mosaic. We were surprised by how fast they could finish it. They don’t waste any time after lunch and instead of playing with toys, they always choose to continue doing their craft. “Can I continue my eggshell craft? I want to finish it today! This is easy now! This is so fun! The paper is getting heavier! Wow, this is very colorful!” Another thing we like while doing this craft is that they have time to talk about things with their friends and share laughter with one another. Most of them have already finished the mosaic and we put it in a photo frame. Majority of them wanted to take it home and hang it on the wall at their house, so we decided to let them take it home.


For our last activity on UOI, we divided the class into two groups to make a poster about 3 R’s or how doing 3 R’s help the environment. They decided to have a group of all the girls and a group of all the boys. Since this is their first time to make a poster we discussed first what a poster is, how to make it, and who it is for. The girls made a poster for school (students, teachers, etc.) and the boys made a poster for the City hall (adult) which we will give to them as a thank you gift for conducting a workshop at school about recycling. They decided what headline, message, and  drawing to put in their poster. Everyone showed teamwork on this activity and did their part very well. They were very happy with the result of their teamwork!


This week, they had their last tennis, gym, and music lessons. To thank their coaches, each of them made a thank you card. Their coaches were surprised and happy when they received the cards from Milky Way students. On Monday, they will have their last swimming lesson and give the card to their coaches. 


On Thursday, we had our last graduation rehearsal with Rainforest students. Next week, we will continue to practice in the classroom and be ready for the graduation day. Some students started to feel sad because they know that they only have a few days left to spend time with their friends. They count how many remaining days they go to school before graduation day. “What? Only 3 days left?”