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Healthy Plate (Milky Way)

This week was shorter than usual, but we still managed to go a lot of things in the Milky Way class!

We finally finished our Koinobori craft and it turned out to be wonderful! We put so much hard work and detail into it, and they were all worth it. This is an artwork that students can be all proud of and they cannot wait to bring them home!

今週は休日を挟んだ短い週でしたが、Milky Way のお友達はたくさんの活動を楽しみました。


In Phonics, we’ve been learning about the beginning, ending, and middle sounds. We learned that mastery of letter sounds can help us both in reading and spelling. The students engaged in fun activities and games which helped them apply their letter sounds knowledge in various ways.


In UOI, we continued our lesson about healthy food choices. After learning about food groups, we realized that we should apply what we learned through our eating habits and so we talked about the concept of the Healthy Plate. Healthy plate is a guide for creating a healthy and balanced meal. It shows you the right amount allotted for each food group so you can plan your portions accordingly. The students learned the importance of eating a variety of food for a healthy body. The Milky Way kids even made their own version of the Healthy Plate by drawing their favorite foods! Who says healthy can’t be yummy?

UOIでは、健康的な食べ物を選ぶレッスンを引き続きおこなっています。穀物、タンパク質、野菜、果物、乳製品といった食べ物グループについて学び、これを食事の習慣に生かそうと考えました。そしてヘルシープレートのコンセプトについて話し合いを始めました。ヘルシープレートとは、健康的でバランスの取れた食事を作る目安です。全ての食べ物グループをそれぞれ適量使うので、適度な量の一人前の食事を作ることが出来るようになります。Milky Wayのお友達は、自分たちの好きな食べ物を描いて、ヘルシープレートが作れるようになりました。「ヘルシーな料理って美味しくない」なんていう子はもう居ません!

We’ve been learning a lot about being healthy in the Milky Way class. Hopefully, they can also apply at home what they have learned in the classroom. We encourage you to start eating healthy by making your own healthy plate!


Thank you for reading the Milky Way blog. Enjoy Golden Week! Stay healthy and safe!