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Rainbow: Allow me to introduce you to my family! (February 19th~22nd)

Hello everyone! こんにちは!
Welcome to Rainbow’s third blog of the month. It seems like the weather is slowly getting warmer. For some that’s a plus but for others not so much, since warm weather means hay fever is around the corner. This week was a relatively relaxed one with no big difference in our usual schedule.
What number is this?

During morning circle time we focused on learning how to recognize numbers. There were two scenarios. At the first try, the teacher gave everyone a flashcard with a single digit on it. The students had to individually go to the front of the class and ask their classmates, “what number is this?” They then had to reply by saying, for example, “that’s three!” At the second try, the teacher called everyone to the front of the class and showed them a number and asked them what it was. To which they responded by saying “It is …” Everyone did their very best!

朝のサークルタイムに数字の認識に焦点を当てた活動を行いました。2つのシナリオがあり、一つは先生が1から10までのフラッシュカードを一枚ずつ子どもに渡します。一人ずつ前に呼ばれ、お座りしている子ども達がそれがなんであるか “what number is this?”と尋ねます。前に立っているお友達は”that’s three!” と数字を大きな声で答えます。もう一つは、シンプルに先生にお名前を呼ばれた子どもは前に立ち、先生に聞かれた数字を答えます。どちらもとても上手にできました!

Family introductions

Now that we have mastered vocabulary related to family, we decided to give family introductions a go on Wednesday afternoon. So during circle time everyone had the chance to introduce their family members to the class.They all had fun telling their fellow classmates who was who. Thank you to the parents for preparing lovely pictures for them!


Phonics and the letter W

The words we learnt this week are wall, web, watch, walnut, wagon, water,walk and watermelon!

今週のフォニックスは、Wwの音を学びました。wall, web, watch, walnut, wagon, water,walk、watermelonなどです。


We always look forward to being taught new things by Ms.Airi on Wednesdays! This week the students had to try to go over a rope without touching it for support, using only one leg . Everyone did so well!


Rain or hailstones?

We ususally go to the park on Thursdays but it was a very wet day. We experienced rain, hailstones and a bit of snow all in one day! Since we were confined indoors we decided to enjoy doing a hina doll craft . It was a bit challenging but so much fun!


Have a relaxing and fun weekend . See you again next week! 素敵な週末をお過ごしください。また来週お会いしましょう。

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week. 今週歌い、踊った曲です。