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Lots of firsts!- Rainbow 15-19 APR (初めてがいっぱい!)



Hello everyone! Three weeks into the new school year, our children have shown tremendous adaptability and have gotten used to their teachers, friends, and life at the school. Some children are still anxious and lonely and cry, but we want to offer our heartfelt supports to them as they show support to their teachers and encourage each other with their friends. The school life is full of “firsts”. Last week, they had their first gym lesson, and this week they also tried their first walk, their first craft, and their first evacuation drill. We hope that the Rainbows students will experience a lot of excitement and excitement, challenge and overcome their weaknesses, and gradually gain courage and confidence.


We went for our first walk. Grab a ring with his/her partner friend and set out in search of “spring”! ! The weather was good and it was a perfect day for a walk. Although they couldn’t walk far yet, They were admiring the beautiful flowers blooming in the nearby fields.


Currently, in class, we are exploring “color.” Everyone is already able to recognize colors in English. Using a magnifying glass of their favorite color, students searched around the classroom for objects of the same color as the magnifying glass. “There it is!” “Here it is!” They happily told us. Good job!


There was an evacuation drill for a fire. “Bi-ri-ri-ri-ri!!” The children were wide-eyed and startled by the sound of the fire alarm, but they listened quietly and carefully to the teacher, put on their caps, and lined up in a line to prepare for evacuation. Good job! During the training, we also discussed about the rule of “O-Ha-Shi-Mo-Te.” Evacuation drills are held monthly. By doing this over and over again, they will learn the rules and must be able to respond in the unlikely event of a disaster.

お – 押さない (Don’t push your friend) / は – 走らない (Don’t run) / し -しゃべらない (Don’t talk) / も – 戻らない (Don’t go back) / て-手を口に (Cover your mouth with your hands)


The songs we are learning in this month’s music lessons are as follows. Try singing at home too.