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We love animals!- Rainbow 27-30May (動物が大好き!)

みなさん、こんにちは!早いもので5月も最終週を迎えました。今月のトピック「動物」についての探求や遊びも今週で一区切り。クラスでは様々な場面で動物について話し合い、遊び、学びを深めました。動物カード(フラッシュカード)でたくさんの動物の名前や特徴を知った子ども達は、先生が言う動物名(英語名)や動物の鳴き声を聞き、知識や想像力を膨らませ、該当する動物カードを探して取るカルタ風の遊びに挑戦しました。また、ジムレッスンではワニや猫になりきって身体を動かし、雨の日には動物の塗り絵を楽しみ「Rainbow Zoo」を制作しました。子ども達の好きな色、考えて決めた色、のびのびと想像力豊かに彩られた作品はまさしくレインボーカラーの動物園です。

Hello everyone! It’s already the last week of May. This week marks the end of our exploration and play on this month’s topic, “Animals.” In class, we discussed animals in various situations, played with them, and deepened our learning. After learning the names and characteristics of many animals through animal cards (flash cards), our children enjoyed playing a KARUTA-like game in which the teacher tells the animal names (English names) or animal sounds, children expanding their knowledge and imagination, and searching for and taking the corresponding animal cards. In the gym lesson, the children also exercised by pretending to be crocodiles and cats, and on rainy days they enjoyed coloring animals and created a “Rainbow Zoo.” The works, colored freely and imaginatively with the children’s favorite colors and colors they had carefully decided on, are truly rainbow-colored zoo. How wonderful!

火災想定の避難訓練が行われ、全員で屋外へ避難しました。煙の吸引を防ぐ為、口と鼻に手を当てて、静かに並び、先生について素早く避難しました。みんな緊張感をもって取り組めました。「お・は・し・も・て」の避難の基本ルールも繰り返し学んでいます。お-押さない/ は-走らない/し-しゃべらない/も-戻らない/て-手を口に。 お家でも避難訓練の重要性や基本ルールについて話し合ってみてください。

A fire evacuation drill was conducted, and everyone evacuated outdoors. To prevent inhaling smoke, our children lined up quietly, covered their mouths and noses, and quickly followed the teacher to evacuate. Everyone was tense. They also repeatedly learned the basic rules of evacuation: O/HA/SHI/MO/TE (“Don’t push/Don’t run/Don’t talk/Don’t go back/Cover your mouth). Please discuss evacuation drills at home as well.


We are happy and energized by our children at Rainbow, who are smiling more and more every day and becoming stronger. During morning meetings, they can now greet and respond to others with big voice!


Have a nice weekend!