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Shooting Star – We are a family (April 12-16)

Where there is family, there is love! – This week shooting star has finally started their journey to their newest unit of inquiry for IB, Who We Are. In this unit, we will be talking about Our Family. We have started learning about each family member, their name, and how they are related to us.
SSさんは、ついに今週から新しいスタートを切りました!IBのUnit1のテーマは去年と同様Who We Areです。このUnitでは私たちの家族について探求していきます。セントラルアイディアは、Every family is uniqueです。LOI1はFamilies are alike and differentです。まずは家族構成について話しました。家族にはお父さんやお母さん、兄弟、祖父母、ペットなどがいること、みんなの名前、そして家族関係についても話しました。

To get more familiar with each member, we made finger puppets on the first day and reviewed some vocabulary like Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandpa, and Grandma. They were all confident in the discussion until we sang a song that introduced more members of the family, The Extended family: Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins. We will discuss the subject further next week!
家族メンバーを知るために、指人形を作りました。お母さん、お父さん、姉妹、兄弟、おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんを指にはめて、指人形の歌をみんなで歌って楽しみました♪ 来週はおじさん、おばさん、いとこなどについても学びます。

We also talked about different types of family. They have learned that every family is unique: some have moms, some don’t. Some have dads, some don’t but despite the difference of that family from the others, they are still a family because they love and care for each other. After the discussion, the kids proudly drew their own family and showed it to their seatmates.
色々な家族構成があるということもクラスで話し合いました。お父さんだけの家族や、お母さんだけの家族、おじいちゃんおばあちゃんと暮らす家族もあることを学びました。みんな家族構成が違っても、家族は愛と絆で繋がっていることも学びました。LOI1のFamilies are alike and differentがまさにこの時学んだ内容になります。クラスでディスカッションをした後は、自分の家族の絵を描きました!とっても上手にかけました😍

During craft, the kids enjoyed dipping a piece of paper in watercolors. We dipped the corners of the paper in the color to make designs.

The shooting star class has a new friend too, Mable! In Phonics we will be studying the sounds of each letter with the help of our class mascot. During the lesson, We spelled his name together and studied the sound of the first letter of his name. They contributed a lot when they were asked to give objects that start with the letter M. They all had fun making friends with the letter M.

This week is full of exciting activities for shooting star students, but this is just the beginning! We will have tons of things to do in the future, where they can learn while having fun! See you all again on the next blog!

Music and Gym experience.

Have a fun weekend!