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Stroll (Shooting Star May 10-14)

On your marks, get set, go! Shooting Star had a productive and fun week again. Let’s go and join them as they venture to different adventures that made them better students!

Writing and Reading:

We started to read a new book called: Setting the table. It was very surprising because this is only our second book, but some of them can read words without pictures already. Also, their writing is getting better every day, this week we wrote the letters Cc and Dd: they were able to identify and say that c is a small letter and d is a tall letter.
リーディングでは「Setting the table」という本を読みました。とても驚いたのが、今回の本は2冊目でしたがすでに絵がなくても単語を読める子ども達がいました!ライティングも毎日のように練習していますが、とても上手になっています。どのアルファベットがどのグループ(Small、Tall、Fall)に属するのかも理解できています!さすがSSさん😉


Mable told a secret to the whole class, It’s about the 2 families of the Alphabet: Vowels and Consonants. The students found the lesson very exciting as they discovered which family does their first name belong to. For the task, they made a name necklace by picking up the letters that made up their name, arrange them in the correct order, and put them on a string. After that, they checked how many letters in their name are vowels and consonants.
フォニックスではメイブルが秘密を教えてくれました!!アルファベットには2つの家族がいるんですって!それはVowels&Consonants(母音と子音)です。自分の名前のアルファベットはどっちの家族に属するかを見つけられたので、 SSさんはこのレッスンをとても楽しんでいたように見えました。 レッスンのアクティビティでは自分の名前のネックレスを作りました🥰


Before the long vacation, we asked the students to take home some interview sheets for their families. And the first thing we did after the golden week, was “sharing”. The students stood in front of the whole class and confidently shared what each of their family members does in their family. They were able to see that, moms, dads, and brothers and sisters have their unique role in the family and that not all families are alike.

and the main event of this week, The Field Trip at the Sky Park. This was the first bust trip for shooting star this year; all of them looked forward to this day and were excited to play with their friends at the said park. They played with a ball, jump ropes, tag game and the playing structure and the most exciting part was the Lunch. We had picnic and ate our packed lunch on the ground. The students were elated and showed everyone their food prepared by their parents! It was an unforgettable field trip indeed!
そして今週の大目玉👀、SSさんがとっても楽しみにしていた遠足がありました👏 今回はスカイパークへ行きました。天気は上々!普段のSSさんの行いが良いので晴れてくれました🌞スカイパークに行ったことがない子も、ある子も全員とってもウキウキでスクールを出発。子ども広場に到着してみんなとっても喜んでいました。目の前には大きな飛行場!遊びながら飛行機やヘリコプターが見えてとっても満足してくれたようです😉🛫🚁
まずはジムレッスンで学んだ氷鬼をしました。とっても広い芝生だったのでみんな「I am tired!」と言っていました笑 お次はたくさんの遊具でお昼の時間まで遊びます!ボールや縄跳びも持参したので、いつもは遊んでいいないボールでサッカーをしたりで、大満足でした🥰 11時を過ぎたころにはみんな「I am so hungry!!」と言っていたので少し早かったですが、ピクニックをすることにしました。

Picnic during lunch:

More fun at the park:

Also this month, we started to sing a new song every afternoon, it’s cute, the melody is very catchy and all of the kids love it! It’s called “stroll”, and as the song goes, shooting star shouts to the world: Hey, Let’s Go!

Thank you for reading our post and joining our adventure!

See you all again on the next blog! Have a prosperous weekend!