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Film Viewing- Shooting Star (October 11 – 15)

This week the Shooting Star class had the chance to experience the 3 types of stories that we are currently talking about in UOI by watching 3 different movies: Pinocchio for Fairy Tale, Big Hero 6 for Adventure, and Finding Nemo for Fable type of story. They all had fun talking about not just the story but the setting, the character and the sequence of the story. The whole class have mastered the elements of the story.

The students made a Nonagon friend puppet and an Octagon booklet for their Math subject. They are getting more familiar with the polygon shapes and they are all loving them to the bits.

Also this week, we have started to talk about the story we are going to present in our play at the Christmas show! The students were all excited to find out their characters, role and their lines. We look forward to practicing in the coming days.

We made our vowel shield in our Phonics class. The vowel shield will help the students to write words and sentences in the future; it will remind them that every word has vowels and it will help them to be good writers.
フォニックスでは、母音の楯「Vowel Shield」を作りました✄✎この強そうな楯は、今後みんなが単語や文章を書くのを助けてくれます!母音ってなんだっけ?と忘れてしまったときはこの楯を見ればすぐに思い出せますね☆単語のすべては母音があることも思い出させてくれるオールマイティーな楯です🤩

We jumped high in our P.E class at the gym this week. We started doing jump rope. It was a bit challenging for the whole class, but will practice more in the coming days!
ジムレッスンでは空高くジャンプしました!!今週から大縄跳びの練習が始まりました。みんなで一緒にジャンプするのが始めはとても大変そうでした。ですがssさんはRisk takersです!チャレンジに立ち向かい、一生懸命練習します😉これからも大縄跳びを続ける予定です。みんなで10回飛べるようになれるかな!?

Thanks for following our blog! See you all next week! 🙂