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Doll Festival Celebration

Hello Everyone,
March is here and we are ready to embrace the Spring season.


This week, Shooting Star class made a hinamatsuri craft. First we talked about what this festival means especially for the girls. We talked about the special dishes for hinamatsuri like chirashizushi which can be translated in English as scattered sushi, hamaguri clam clear soup and hishi mochi. All these dishes have special meaning such as to pray for the girl‘s good health and good life in the future. And we sang the hinamatsuri song which everyone enjoyed as we tried singing with the lyrics. We then began making the craft by drawing the face parts, making flowers with crepe papers, and cutting out papers to decorate our craft.


Our Gym lesson this week was spectacular. For the first time, we had a circuit activity. We went around the gym with a ball simultaneously beginning from jumping over hoops, to walking on the rope, to resting the ball on top of the cone as we count one to five, to shooting the ball, and finally to kicking the ball to the wall. Everyone had so much fun.


We also walked to the park and played with our favorite game, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” and after that, we didn‘t go over the rules for playing as we‘re confident that we can do it during our fun time. True enough, we left the park without any trouble, but just pure pleasure.


Our restaurant play area is always busy with a lot of chefs and customers around. We had so much fun playing with ramen stuff and its toppings. We learned how to make ramen and we enacted how to order it with the toppings we like. With chefs cooking our favorite ramen and waiters taking our orders we can never be hungry in Shooting Star.


In our UOI, we had group discussions on what will happen if there are no Police Officers in a community? Each group got a photo portraying a situation and students discussed within their group and jotted down their answers on the paper with the help of the teachers. Everyone engaged in the group discussion and shared our ideas. We then presented our ideas in front of the class.


Have a relaxing weekend everyone.