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Our role in the family-Shooting Star-June 19-23

家族の一員としての役割 Shooting Starクラス 6月19日から23日より



This week we had a class photo shoot for school year 2023-2024. We put on our ISN t-shirt and wore our best smile.


We have finally come to the last week of our first unit. Looking back, we learned and identify our family members and we talked about the different roles of each family. We made a special craft for mommy and daddy to appreciate what they have done and what they are yet to do in our family. Finally, we also reflected on what role we do in the family. In this unit, we understood that every family is unique-some families have pet, while others don’t, some families have more numbers of family, while others have less, etc. and we strived to be caring, open-minded, balanced, and reflective.


The Star Festival (Tanabata) is coming in July. With that in mind, we started making a craft for display. We began by decorating a small paper cup with purple construction paper and putting stars on it. We will do it little by little so, please wait and see the work of our tiny hands.


We went to Kamada gym for our Gym lesson. We began the lesson with stretching and other physical exercises and the most exciting activity that we did was making the balloon. Students got fascinated with the different colors of it. We hold it with both hands and walked clockwise first and counterclockwise next and then we pulled it up and down and everyone got inside sitting on the edge and we looked up touching the big balloon with shrieks of delight.


We were so lucky because we spent one sunny day walking to the park and we had so much fun playing with our friends.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Have a great weekend everyone.