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Traffic Safety Workshop-Shooting Star-June 12th-16th

交通安全教室 Shooting Starクラス 6月12日から16日より



ISN was so privileged to have Risuchan, who visited us with the other traffic safety officer to educate us about crossing the road. Everyone was surprised when Risuchan entered the Music classroom and the room was filled with excitement and laughter. Both Rikuchan and the other traffic safety officer conducted a short workshop and the whole ISN members participated in. There were three very important things that we learned from them. First, fasten seatbelts and sit in the child seat in the car. Second, hold the parent’s hand when walking at the parking area. Third, stop before crossing the road, check the cars left and right and when the light is green, raise hand and walk across the road. After the orientation, we went out the schoolyard to practice by class. After the practice we had the privilege to apply what we have learned during our walk to the park. Everyone was happy to get the training card.


We went to the pool and had our Swimming lesson. Shooting Star class enjoyed all the the swimming activities and most of students can immerse their whole body in the water.

今週を振り返ると、月曜日にはプールへ行きレッスンを受けてきました。Shooting Starは皆泳ぐ活動が大好きで大半の子たちは水に体全体を入ることが出来ます。

For our unit of inquiry, we talked about our role in the family. Everyone has given the chance to share in class what role they do at home and the teacher wrote their ideas down on a big paper like, I play with my family, I help mommy cook, I help clean the house, etc

探求の一つでで、子ども達は家族の中での役割について話しました。みんなレッスン中で家での自分の役割を発表する機会を得ました。そして先生は大きな紙にI play with my family, I help mommy cook, I help clean the house, etcのように、みんなの考えを書いていきました。

We learned reading the CVC words with -an word family and we tried reading them altogether. Little by little, we got the concept of reading words by sounding each single letters. And we also practiced writing lowercase letter f with our practice writing board and a marker. Writing is now a fun activity for everyone.

子ども達はFamilyに関連するCVC Wordsの読み方を習い、みんなでそれを読んでみました。少しずつ、文字一つ一つ発音してみて読む要領が分かりました。また子供達は小文字のfをマーカーでホワイトボードに描く練習をしました。書くことは今では子供達にとって楽しみな活動になっています。

Finally, we walked to the park and we had so much fun.


Have a great weekend everyone.