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New season, new challenge-Sep. Shooting Star 25th-29th

新しいことに取り組む秋、到来 Shoting Starクラス 9月25日から29日より

Hello Everyone,


welcome to our blog for the last week of September. After all that fun in the sun, along comes our good friend, autumn.


This week was quite busy because it’s the end of our second unit about Sharing the Planet and it’s also the deadline week for the Students’ Report to be completed. Please be aware that the Students’ Report will be sent out to your home this week.

今週はかなり忙しかったです。というのも地球をテーマにしたUnit2が終了になり、子供達への頑張りをご連絡する期限になっていたからです。今週金曜日には皆さまへStudent Reportをお渡ししておりますのでご確認下さいませ。

Shooting Star class has ended unit two with a discussion about a good environment for living creatures. Students thought that forest, not insect cage is a good environment for living creatures, mainly insects because there are trees, leaves, flowers, rocks and there’s also water. They put their ideas into drawing and everyone really did a great job.

Shooting Starクラスでは生き物の良い環境について話し合いUnit2を終了しました。子供達は森、つまり籠の中の昆虫ではない生き物にとって望ましい環境だと考えました。というのは森は木々、葉、花、岩や更には水が豊富であるからです。みんな自分の考えたことを絵に表し、皆が本当に素晴らしい学びをしました。

It’s time for emergency drill! Another fantastic experience that we enjoyed this week was the visit of the firefighters from Nagisa Fire Station with a fire truck. The teachers had the chance to practice use the fire extinguisher to put out fire and after the drill, we were given the privilege to have a group photo in front of the fire truck and we moved around to see up-close.


After the emergency drill, we had our birthday party. One of Shooting Star students celebrated her birthday this month. She was so happy getting her birthday card. Thank you Ms. Ayako for hosting the birthday party. Everyone had so much fun with your magic.

避難訓練後、誕生会をしました。Shooting Starクラスの子供達は今月クラスメートの女の子をお祝いしました。そのお友達は誕生日カードをもらってとても嬉しそうでした。あやこ先生が誕生会の担当で、次々に魔法をかけてみんなを楽しませてくれました。綾子先生ありがとうございました。みんなその魔法に大喜びでした。

And finally, we headed to the park with so much fun.


Have a great weekend everyone.