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It’s almost Christmas-Shooting Star-November 27th-December 1st

もうすぐクリスマスですね Shooting Starクラス 11月27日から12月1日より



Shooting Star class is excited to welcome the month of December. Most of the students exclaimed, It’s almost Christmas Show!

Shooting Starクラスは12月がくるのを心待ちにしていました。大半の子供達は「もうすぐ、クリスマスショー!」と声高に声を上げました。

Yes, it’s almost Christmas Show and everyone is looking forward to embracing the biggest event of the year. This week, we spent most of our time to practice by using our big voices and big actions. We also tried to remember how to enter and exit by ourselves. We went to the gym to have a spacious area for practice and it went out well. And after the practice, we spent our remaining time playing with hoops and balls.


The whole ISN school community celebrated the birthday of students born in November and three of them were from Shooting Star class. Our celebrators were so happy to receive their birthday crown and birthday cards. The birthday party was spearheaded by Ms. Shizuka. Thank you for making it a fun party for everyone especially for the amazing birthday celebrators.

ISN松本キャンパス合同で、11月生まれのお友達、Shooting Starクラスからは3人の子供達の誕生日をお祝いしました。3人のお友達は冠を被りバースデーカードを受け取りとても嬉しそうでした。今月の誕生会はMs.Shizukaが担当でした。11月生まれのお友達にはもちろん、みんながパーティーを楽しんでいました。

Another incredible experience that we had this week was the circus. The circus performers entertained us with a wide variety of unusual acts like rhythmic performance accompanied by accordion with audience clapping and singing, If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, the juggling, the pantomime and the stilt walk that amused and amazed every single person in the room. We couldn’t help ourselves but laugh and watch the whole performance with great anticipation.


We learned the -ob word family like cob, sob, rob, mob, and job. We did a building CVC word activity by filling out the letters in the box of the photos shown.

cob, sob, rob, mob, jobのような語彙を学びました。みんなで下の写真の様にスペースにCVCの語彙を貼りました。

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.