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Our visit to the Fire station-Shooting Star-Feb. 5th-9th

警察署訪問 2月5日から9日 Shooting Starクラスより



This week’s highlight in Shooting Star was our visit to the Fire station. Before the said visit, we had an exchange of views on what we could possibly see at the Fire station. Students named some of the tools like fire truck, hose, water, uniform, boots, helmet, fire alarm, and the like. Then, we decided what questions to ask to the firefighters. Off we go with great excitement. Upon reaching the place, we were excited to get off, however, we were informed that we needed to wait a couple of minutes on the bus because there was an emergency. We saw the firefighters put on their uniforms and left immediately for rescue. After they left, other firefighters signaled us to get off the bus. As we got off the bus, a young firefighter instructed us to gather around for a short orientation.

Shooting Starクラスの今週の一番の話題と言えば消防署に行ったことです。行く前に、消防署で見ることが出来るものについて話し合いました。子供達は消防士の方が使用する物、例えば消防車、ホース、ユニフォーム、ブーツ、ヘルメット、アラームなどを確認しました。そして、消防士の方へする質問を用意しました。ワクワクして出発です。消防署に到着するとバスから期待を込めて降りようとしましたが、バス内で暫く待たなければならないと知らされました。というのも緊急出動があったからなのです。消防士の方々がユニフォームに着替え人命救助へ直ぐに出発しました。その後他の消防士の方々がバスから降りても良いと知らせてくれました。バスを降りると、消防士の方は説明して実際の職場を見せてくれました。

Then, we were divided into two groups and one firefighter was assigned for each group to tour us around the area. We have learned that there are various kinds of firefighters transport like a water tank fire engine that has a 2,000-liter water tank for easier firefighting operations at places distant from water sources. Yay! We were given the chance to get on and checked the tools inside. There was also a rescue truck, a special rescue team vehicle with a winch, a self-elevating floodlight, a generator, about 500 rescue tools, and others. Before the firefighters took us to the last vehicle, they showed us the tools that they use like helmets to protect their head, uniforms-orange for rescue, gray for fire, and blue for helping transport the sick or injured people.


Finally, the last one that the fire fighter showed us was a ladder truck which was 30 meters long used to gain access to attics, upper floors, or to the roof of a structure as well as spaces that may be difficult to access otherwise. Luckily, Ms. Rieko was given the chance to be able to get on the ladder truck. While she was going aerial, students shouted, I want to try, too! But it was already time for us to go, so better luck next time.


We are so engaged in our workstation everyday morning. We move around and do writing, numbers, phonics, English phrases before going to our favorite spot to play with our friends.


At long last, even without our snow gear on, Off we go! It’s fun playing with snow.


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.