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Canyon’s Prep for Diorama Making (March 2-6)

Farm, Forest, Ocean, Desert, and Polar Region are the places where animals live. Our class were planning to make representations of these places, a diorama. Sample dioramas were shown and they chose one for them to create. It will be a long work and needs a lot of patience for them to complete this project but surely they will be proud of their product at the end.
Canyon have finished in coloring the animals they needed for their diorama. Some have also started cutting the pictures while others have been painting the base which is the shoebox. Thank you parents for the shoeboxes!


まず自分の選んだ生息地に住む動物の色塗りを完成させました。色塗りを終えた動物をハサミで切り取ったり、ジオラマのベースになる靴箱に色塗りを完成させた子もいます。 保護者の皆様、靴箱のご用意ありがとうございました。

It’s the first week of March, our big boys and girls helped in changing the position of dates in our calendar. Next, they counted objects and found the appropriate number card.


New words were formed and able to read by putting the sounds of each letter together. We are now practicing reading CVC words with short /e/ sound. Examples are vet, pet, jet, wet, etc. We tried to name the pictures and identify the letters that make such words.
Even though Canyon students can’t go and attend to their regular outdoor activities, they still had a great time playing in the schoolyard.

今週も CVC 単語を読む練習をしました。 vet, pet, jet, wet のような短いeの音が入った単語です。それぞれのアルファベットの音をみんなで確認しながら、単語を読む練習をしました。また、絵カードが示す言葉と、その言葉を作るアルファベットを見つけました。


That’s all for this week. Let’s ķeep updated for the last three weeks of this school year! Enjoy the weekend!