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WE LOVE BOOKS!- Canyon January 16th-20th

Reading books to children has amazing benefits such as: comfort, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. Giving them time and full attention when reading them a story tells them they matter. It builds self-esteem, vocabulary, broadens imagination and even improves their sleeping patterns. Our little ones love reading books!


In our UOI lesson, we discussed the different types of transportation. Our youngsters enumerated and categorized the modes of transport through worksheet. We also played a game called, “Guess the Sound”. We listened to the various sounds of tranportation then our little ones guessed what transport is it and where can we find it. Everybody enjoyed this game!

今週のUOIではワークシートを使って、左列に描かれた乗り物が、右列に描かれた海、空、道路、線路のそれぞれどこで活動するのか、点と点を線で結び分類しました。また、様々な乗り物の音を聞いて、それが何かを当てる、”Guess the Sound “というゲームも行いました。フェリー、熱気球、ミキサー車などは大人の私達でも難しく、子どもたちも聞き慣れない音に苦戦していましたが、積極的に手を挙げとっても盛り上がりました😊!

This month, we started to do name tracing. Name tracing has benefits for our young ones such as: sense of achievements, builds their identity, develops understanding, and strengthens cognitive and muscle functions. (Donna Howard a Digital Copywriter)



Lunch time is another learning oppurtunity for children. In our class, kids have a choice whether they want a big, regular, or small meal. There are also rules to follow during lunch such as: sit nicely, do not put the elbows on the table, always hold their plate, hold chopsticks/fork properly, make a good/clean plate, do not drop any food on the table and floor (if the do, students must clean it), clean up their plates outside the classroom and put them in the container properly. By setting up these rules, we can teach and train students how to be independent and responsible at an early age. Happy eating, Canyon!

好きな物をお腹いっぱい食べてほしい、苦手な物でもひとくちは頑張ってみよう!と思ってほしいという願いも込め、子どもたち自身で大盛り、普通、少なめのランチプレートを選んでいます。また、前を向いて座る、肘をつかない、お皿を持つ、お箸やフォークを正しく持つ、ご飯粒など最後まできれいに食べる、こぼさないよう気をつける、自分自身で返却場所に食器を下げるなどのマナーが身につくよう、様子を見ながらそれぞれ声をかけています。アクリルのパーテーションを設置し都度の換気も行いながら、今日のメニューや使われている食材について話したり、”It’s yammy!” と笑顔見せ合ったり、楽しい雰囲気の中で食事ができています😊

Have a great weekend everyone!