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This is my family(Canyon-June 19-23)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our another fun week of playing and learning. Everyday is a day of experience and growth to all. We learn the good values and how to apply it to our daily life. We learned how to be principled, caring, balanced and open-minded to the acts we do. To review on what we have learned, we set the classroom rules and made a promise by stamping our hands which means we can follow them. To make it clear to the students, we use the parts of the body and their functions. They are:

Looking eyes- which means to always pay attention to somebody who is talking.

Listening ears- always listen when somebody is talking.

Quiet mouth- Don’t talk together when the teacher is talking and raise hands when you have something to say or suggest and don’t yell or shout in the classroom. Use the inside voice.

Walking feet- Walk in the classroom and in the hallway.

Helping hand- Help each other clean up the toys and be gentle and caring to each other.

After making a promise, Canyon class give their thumbs up and say “We can do it!”

みなさん、こんにちは。毎日が経験と成長の日々。今週も、遊びと学びの楽しい一週間を紹介します。 子ども達は、園生活の中で友達への思いやりや正しい園での過ごし方、心身ともにバランスのとり、自分とは違う事を受け入れられる心が身に付いてきました。学んだことを子ども達と一緒に確認しましたが、わかりやすく伝えるために、身体の各部分とその機能に関連図けてクラスのルールを決めました。



静かな口- 誰かが話しているときは一緒に話さない。クラスの中では大声を出さない。

歩く足- 教室や廊下を歩く。


一人ひとり約束が守れるのか確認をすると、キャニオンのみんなは親指を立てて “We can do it.”!契約の手形を取りクラスの壁に飾りました。

All about me “Rainbow

We are almost done with UOI unit 1 and we evaluate how much we have learned in this unit. We made a Rainbow 🌈 wherein each color represent about themselves and the things they like. We interviewed each of them and asked their favorite color, shape, their age, the activities they like in school, and how many family members they have. We were amazed that majority of them like music lesson and enjoy playing with friends.


This is my family

As a part of our Central idea, we also introduced our family. Kids brought their family photos and named their family in front of their friends. They also counted and say how many members of the family they have. We will hang The photos in the classroom to let the children see and feel that their family is just beside them whenever they feel sad.

セントラル・アイディアの一環として、私たちは家族の紹介もしました。自分の家族の写真を見ながら、友達の前で家族の紹介をしたり家族の人数を数えたりし発表をしました。 この写真は一年間クラスに飾り、いつでも家族のみんなが近くに感じられるようにしたいと思います。

Letter Ff

This week, we learned about the letter Ff and the words which start with it. Some of the examples are: F-f frog, family, fruits, fox, fish, flower, fairy. They were able to pronounce the sound well and picked up the flashcard of Ff phonics and say it confidently in front of their friends.

今週はFfという文字と、そこから始まる単語について学びました。例えば: F-f frog、family、fruits、fox、fish、flower、fairy。子どもたちは上手に発音することができ、Ffフォニックスのフラッシュカードを手に取り、友達の前で自信を持って言うことができました。

Outdoor play– Kids enjoyed playing in the mud, and didn’t care to get dirty stepping into the puddle and played there. They brought some toys and played there, scooping and making foods and gave to friends and teacher. We provided plastic bottles to play. They enjoyed filling with water and mud too. Some kids picked grasses with the teacher and mixed it water and made an art on the ground.


Thank you for reading. Have a fantastic weekend!