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Sports Festival- Canyon(September 11th-15th)

Hello everyone,

We have an ongoing learning about the animals and the products they give us. To give the children a clear overview, we watched videos of the animals and the products they gave us. After watching, we recall what they have learned. They participated in answering that cows give us meat and milk, and from it, we can make cream, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and chocolate. From the chicken, they give us eggs which we use for cooking any food. From the sheep, they give us wool to make blankets, knit hats, knitted vests, and more.


動物を守る方法として何ができるのか、プラスチックの大量使用が今の世の中でどんな問題が起こっているのか絵本や人形を使ってみんなに話をしました。街や山に捨てられたゴミを野生の動物、散歩中の動物が食べてしまう可能性があること。川に捨てられたゴミは、魚やカニたちが引っかかってしまい動けなくなってしまう事。そして川は海とつながっているから、海の動物たちにも空にいる生き物にも影響がある事を伝えました。私たちがすぐにできる事は何かと考え、「毎日使用するビニール袋をエコバックに変えると再度使う事ができるから、プラスチックの使用が減るかもしれない」と伝えると、すぐにお家の方に伝えてエコバックに変えて来てくれたお友達がいました。ご協力ありがとうございます!強制ではありませんので、できる範囲でまた子ども達と動物を守る方法=プラスチックを減らす方法は何かを話し合ってみてください。題して【Canyon No plastic project】です。

Finally, everyone’s most awaited event in School- The Sports Festival 2023. Canyon class were excited to run and dance in front of their families and promised to do their best. And now it’s time for them to shine! It started with the kids making their oaths of sportsmanship and the dance exercise and followed by the race. Everyone’s aim was to run fast and be the number one. Indeed, they did very well and impressed their families and teachers. Putting on their straw dance skirt was so much exciting and they can’t wait to perform in front of their families. Some kids might be nervous but they were brave to stand in front of the big crowd. It was really a stunning performance for each classes . Each family also enjoyed the game travelling around the world with their kids. It was indeed a tiring yet a fun Sports festival for everyone. You all did a very good job!


To dear parents, thank you so much for joining us and we appreciate your endless support. Have a wonderful and a restful weekend.