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What if? Savanna 9/11 – 9/15

“What if?” was the question we used as provocation for the last and final line of inquiry of this unit which is “Our responsibility towards living creatures.”

To trigger the curiosity of our inquirer about their responsibility towards living creatures, focusing on insects, we inquired first about their importance to our planet. In the inquiry, they have found out that insects are important members of the food chain, and without them, the whole ecosystem will collapse and in the long run, will affect us. Some of their comments were: People can’t live without insects, the earth will be destroyed, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, etc., People and other animals will have no food, and Earth will be a sad place.

昆虫に焦点をあてた生き物たちのユニット、その最後を締めくくる探究の流れ、「生き物に対する私たちの責任 」を始めるため、「もしも~だったら」という問いかけをしてみました。


Also, we touched a little bit about pollination. We all thought that it would be too complicated for our inquirers to understand but what happened was otherwise; they were able to see and understand the concept clearly and were able to see its importance. Some of their comments were: Without insects, nobody will do pollination, we will not have fruits and vegetables anymore, we will get hungry and die, etc. To boost their understanding, they tried to experience the work of pollinators through activities using pompoms and glitters. They all had a wonderful time and enjoyed transferring pollen from one flower to another.

また、受粉についても少し話をしました。サバンナさんたちには少し難しい内容かと思っていましたが、みんなその仕組みをよく理解し、受粉がとても大切なことだと知ることが出来ました。もう一度、「昆虫がいなくなったらどうなる?」と聞いてみると、 「昆虫がいなくなったら、受粉をする人がいなくなる」、「果物や野菜が食べれなくなっちゃう」、「みんなおなかがすいて、死んでしまう」、などの回答が返ってきました。受粉をより理解するために、ポンポンやキラキラのグリッターを使ったアクティビティを通して、受粉媒介者の体験をしました。楽しみながら、花から花へ花粉を移す体験をしました。

The highlight of this week was our SPORTS FESTIVAL DAY! We are all delighted to be graced with the presence of our family and friends. Our hard work, especially of our little explorers paid off when we saw everybody cheering for us, smiling at the cuteness of our students and being in awe as they watched our routines and performances. We can’t thank you enough for sparing time for this event; it means so much to us and our little ones. One day, they will reflect on this day and remember how much excitement and happiness they have caused their beloved parents.

今週のハイライトは、なんといってもSPORTS FESTIVALです!かけっこも、パラバルーンパフォーマンスも、自分たちの出来るベストの力をだして取り組むことができました!スポーツフェスティバル当日に、最高のパフォーマンスをお見せすることができたサバンナさんたちを、誇りに思います。保護者の皆様、お忙しい中お時間をつくって応援に来てくださり、ありがとうございました。みんなの大好きな家族が応援に来て、一緒に喜びを分かち合ったことを、みんなきっと忘れないでしょう。

This event was dedicated to our loving parents, friends, and family. We all love you and can’t thank you enough for your love and support!


See you in the next blog and another “What if?”