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Stay active and get rid of sickness- Canyon (November 13th-17th)

Hello everyone,

Mornings are freezing and we need to wrap ourselves to keep warm. Daytime is warm and we enjoy our park day playing in the wide space freely. In the park too, our youngsters love chasing each other and playing the Mr. Wolf game. They get their body warm running around and playing on the play structures they want to play. Canyon class really loves writing and drawing, especially tracing their names. Even at the park, they write their names on the ground, draw their favorite things, and ask the teacher to guess “What’s this? Well done, boys and girls!


We started making our Christmas craft earlier. We will be making a Christmas ball and we just started painting the paper plate. They chose the color they liked and enjoyed painting by themselves. We are excited to see and hang in our houses.

一足早くクリスマスの工作を始めました。クリスマスの飾りを作るために、紙皿に色を塗りました。 自分たちで好きな色を選び、ペイントを楽しみました。 次は、デコレーションです。楽しみ!

In our UOI lesson, we talked about the verbal way to communicate to express their feelings. We stuck on the wall a big smiling and sad face. A smiling face means when you say “kind and nice words” to somebody and a “sad face” means when you mistreat others using the hurting words. Then we let the students pick the picture in the box and stick to the feeling they think is appropriate. Some of those phrases are “I love you!, Let’s play together, Are you ok? Hello!, Goodbye!, Good morning! I don’t like you!, Go away! You are the last! ” After doing the activity we reviewed what is the best way to communicate with friends. All of them agreed that using kind words makes somebody smile.

UOI のレッスンでは、自分の気持ちを言葉で伝える方法について話しました。壁に大きな笑顔と悲しい顔を貼り、どんな言葉が嬉しいか、それとも悲しくさせるのかを考えました。 箱に入っているイラストを一枚引いてどちらの気持ちに適したフレーズなのかを当てました。例えば、「大好き!」「一緒に遊ぼう」「大丈夫?」「 こんにちは」「さようなら」「嫌い!」「あっち行って!」「あなたが最後よ!」などなど。アクティビティーの後、友だちと良いコミュニケーションをとるにはどんな言葉を使った方がいいかを話し合うと、優しい言葉を使うことは、誰かを笑顔にすること、という意見に全員一致しポジティブなコミュニケーション方法を身につけました。

This week our young learners Enjoyed tracing and coloring Letters Cc and Dd.


Thank you for this week, keep warm and enjoy your weekend.