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Kudos to the parents! RF 5/10

Thanks to all the parents for such an amazing job! Thank you for working together with your child and created the healthy plates over the Golden Week. The meals looked scrumptious and made us salivate as the children talked about their plates!


Children’s healthy plates homework over the Golden Week

Children have been learning about the food groups for some time now, this week they put their knowledge to test. We laid out the food choices and asked them to sort the food cards into the 5 food groups. They all did a great job, with an exception of some unfamiliar food. We had a discussion about it and sorted those into the groups in the end.

子どもたちは食品の栄養素について引き続き学んでおり、今週はどのくらい学びが深められたかを確認するため、食べ物の描かれたカードを5つのグループに分類するテストをしてみました。 なじみのない食べ物を除き、自分たちで分類することが出来ていました。分類が難しかった食品については、みんなで一緒に話し合い、グループに分類しました。

Children worked hard at the reading and writing time this week. In particular, they seemed to like reading with a friend after they have read a favorite book to themselves. Children are learning how to share the joy of literature! We started writing the jump out words in the writing period, and by now, children are aware the importance of making the strokes in the correct orders.

リーディングやライティングの時間も、みんな頑張って取り組んでいました。 リーディングでは特に、一人で自分の選んだ本を読んだあと、友達とペアになって一緒に本を読み合うことを楽しんでいる様子がありました。読書の楽しみを共有することを学んでいるようです! ライティングでは頻出単語(theやandなど)を書く練習を始め、正しい書き順の大切さを学んでいます。

Whether children are out walking to the park, or staying indoor playing and making projects together, they have developed the harmony of teamwork; in helping each other and showing respects. They are willing to learn from each other, as well as lending a helping hand when their friends need it. And lastly, they have made Amabie monster to cast away the COVID 19 pandemic!