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Welcome back to the swing of things! SV/RF 5/9-13

Welcome back from Golden Week, we hope that all the families have spent some relaxing and quality time together. It has been a month since this school year kicked off, and the children are already getting used to the routines and the swing of things at school. This week we had the Emergency and Earthquake Drill at school where children learned how to use the head protection pads during an earthquake. It seemed like the children knew what the pad is for as well as how to use it. Thank you for your participation at the Emergency Drill (parent-student reunification drill). 

We have been practicing walking longer distances since April, and all the hard work paid off this week when the children walked to the park all in one setting without complaining of being tired! Kudos to the children!! We have not been able to visit the park since the beginning of this year. It has been long overdue and we are all exhilarated to be able to resume the park play again! 

Thank you for your cooperation in filling out the “house chore responsibility” survey! They really came in handy when we had our discussion about each family member’s roles and responsibilities at home. The children learned the reason why we have responsibilities and how it is vital to care and support each of our family members by helping out. In the following week we will continue to reinforce this concept as we conclude LOI 1 in our UOI lessons. 

Circle time is always a fun time to learn new concepts about math, rhyming, sight words, stories, and talk about current issues.  It is also a great time to get a workout. The children love dancing, singing, and being silly, so are the teachers! This is where we emphasize that learning is fun when the children are engaged in meaningful activities. Just look at how much they are enjoying themselves!
サークルタイム(朝の会と帰りの会)は新しいお話、算数、そしてフォニックスのコンセプトを楽しく学ぶのにとても適した時間です💪また、楽しい歌に合わせて体をたくさん動かすので、とっても良いエクササイズにもなります😉 みんな歌うこと、踊ること、おふざけしちゃうことが大好きなんです!そして、私たちも一緒です(笑)みんなが楽しんでいる姿を見てください!⏬

This week’s workstation we focused on the subject of math where children learned to count the people in our class and categorize them into boys and girls groups. It is a hands-on learning experience and also a great time to practice those scissors skills. Everyone worked so hard to accomplish this task and have fun learning as well! The children also cut some paper coins in preparation for the “Lunch Box Shop” that will be open in June. Oh! we just can’t wait to see the surprised faces when they start their shopping! 

Free play time is the children’s all time favorites! Whether it is cooking up a meal for their family as they role play mom and baby, or dressing up to be cats or dogs, or princess. The fun never ends! This week we added a cashier and some baskets for grocery shopping. The children learned how to scan the food as their friends paid for their groceries. They patiently waited for their turns and counted each item. Others were busy making crafts and pretending to be doctors taking care of the patients.  
フリープレー(自由に遊ぶ時間)は子どもたちが一番大好きな時間です。キッチンでおままごとをしたり、ドレスアップでお姫様になったり、猫や犬になってみたり、フリープレーには終わりがありません!今週は新しいおもちゃレジのスキャナーと買い物かごが加わり、また遊びが増えました!「Welcome!」「1、2、3、、、、3 Coins please!」とスーパーマーケットごっこが始まりました。みんなちゃんと自分の番を待ち仲良く遊んでいます。他の子どもたちはクラフトをしたりブロックで遊んだりとみんなとても忙しそうにしています💖


During outside play the children used the hoola hoops to create different games. Some said they were walking their cats, some said they were driving, while others said they were making the ground flat. The creativity just never ends.