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Our Responsibility 私たちの役割- Savanna 5/29-6/2

Helping out at home, and doing our daily routine is not just the right thing to do, but it’s being responsible, too!

It has been another exciting week for Savanna’s class, despite the scorching hot weather, we still managed to be productive and have fun!

One of the highlights of this week’s event was our collaboration with the Rainforest class. The two classes joined forces to plant vegetables in a pot in the school’s front yard. The Savanna class planted tomatoes and cucumbers while the Rainforest class planted red radishes. We are all excited to see them grow and taste the fruit of our labor!




To hone more skills, we incorporate Math and English lessons into our circle time during our morning routine. We started inquiring about 2 number friends that make 10 when together. We sang a song that talks about how special the number 10 is and tried discovering these numbers by counting objects. For English, we look into initial sound cards. We first identify the object, learn the pronunciation, and listen to its initial sound, this way the students will get more used to letter sounds and in the long run use these skills to read.


This Thursday we walked to the park for the first time in a long time, when we went in April it took a very long time because everyone was tired, but this time everyonr walked well in a line and no one said “I’m tired!” We are amazed at how much everyone has grown in such a short period of time! That’s what Savannah is all about, isn’t it?


The inquiry about family roles is still ongoing, this week we talked about our RESPONSIBILITY! It’s a long word they say, we counted and sounded each letter at the beginning of the discussion. But when asked: do you know the meaning of it? As expected, they all said no! This answer is a good opportunity to hold their focus, curiosity, and interest. During the research, everyone was so focused and eager to learn the meaning of the word, each piece of information from the video, and the scenarios we discuss. After that, comes the question and answer: This action and that action, whose responsibility? They were all able to say that: Preparing their school bag is their responsibility, waking up early and being on time is their responsibility, helping out at home is their responsibility, etc.

家族の役割についての探究はまだ続いています。今週は、自分たちの「責任」について話をしました!Responsibilityという言葉は長い単語なので、話し合いをする前に一文字ずつ発音しながらみんなで一緒に読みました。しかし、「この言葉の意味を知っていますか?」という問いには、予想通り全員が「ノー」と答えました!この答えが、彼らの集中力、好奇心、興味を引きつける良い機会なのです。その言葉の意味を知る中、みんなとても集中して、言葉の意味、ビデオからの情報の一つ一つ、そして先生たちの話から学ぶことにとても熱心でした。その後みんなに、「 この行動とあの行動、誰の責任なの?」という質問をしました。スクールバックの準備は自分の責任、早起きして時間を守るのは自分の責任、家の手伝いは自分の責任、などの答えが返ってきました!

We all hope that our inquiry will stay not just in their head but also in their heart, so even if they forget the terms we used and the videos we watched, the concept and idea will be in their soul and will not forget.

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone! Till the next blog!